K-Pop is one of the musical genres that greater pull has awakened not only in Spain but worldwide. Proof of this is that the country of Cervantes occupies the ranked 13th in the world in number of unique users who talk about K-Pop and Twitter.

The social network has contributed to changing the way artists and fans interact with this genre. In the past 12 months, K-Pop has achieved generate more than 6.1 billion tweets Worldwide.

Like other world-renowned artists, K-Pop stars have used this social network to reach all their followers around the world. Through the hashtag #KpopTwitter users manage to connect with each other managing to create a huge community of followers.

Despite the influence of the Covid-19 during the last months that degenerated into the cancellation of multiple concerts and tours, the conversations registered under this hashtag they have not been depleted.

Groups of the stature of EXO, GOT7 or BLACKPINK have managed to conquer followers from all over the world, but if there is one that has achieved it par excellence, those are the BTS. The boy band South Korean has managed to be the most mentioned K-Pop group in all markets except in Thailand, where GOT7 is imposed.

We do not know how these trends will evolve in the coming years, what is more than evident is that, at least for the moment, this genre will continue to grow in followers and in presence on Twitter.