The Basque Country team, directed by Javier Clemente, and the Costa Rica played a friendly match last weekend, taking advantage of the break in UEFA Nations League, which went very unnoticed and served to reclaim the official status. A step that, according to the president of the Basque football federation, is much closer thanks to the Government of Pedro Sanchez.

Luis Mari Elustondo He assured in the first instance on Radio Euskadi that the talks between Moncloa and the Lehendakaritza in this regard have advanced in favor of their interests. “It seems that there is a preliminary agreement between the Basque and central government to open the presence of Basque sports teams at an international level “, he assured.

The objective that they have always pursued from the Basque autonomic sphere (and Catalan) is that “in the medium or long term” they can be “considered one more selection”.

Although they refer to all sports, football for its media level is the spearhead and the league breaks are used to make protest friendlies. In 2018, the FVF chaired by Elustondo decided in assembly to formally submit a petition to FIFA and UEFA. “It remains to go with the request to these estates. We have not forgotten it. We fear a negative answer, but we know that UEFA is going to receive us and acknowledge receipt of the proposal … Although later we are transferred to the Spanish Football Federation, “said an Elustondo who will leave his post at the end of this same 2020.

There a new path opens, since the position of the RFEF It is contrary to this officiality and Luis Rubiales It has important support from regional federations, as is the case of Biscay. “He is in a multitude of commissions of the RFEF, he has taken a salary of a very respectable amount, not from a diet. It is an executive salary,” Elustondo criticized. Jose Ignacio GomezMardones, president of the federation based in Bilbao.

“I do not know, I do not know how much closer to the officers we are, but we are closer because things have been done that were stopped before. If the agreement between governments is successful, we will have the cleanest path, but it is necessary to take it calmly although without stopping to insist “, reiterated.

Elustondo retracts

Faced with the controversy over these words, required by various federative bodies, Elustondo retracted in ‘El Partidazo de COPE’.

“There is no pre-agreement with the government for Euskadi to participate in international tournaments. I have expressed myself badly, I regret it. We are nobody to agree with any government,” he rectified.