The Song Exploder podcast comes to the Netflix screen: to know the cuisine of songs

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Created in 2014 by Hrishikesh Hirway, the format will be replicated on the screen from October 2, with greater production and the same essence.

Created in 2014 by American musician and composer Hrishikesh Hirway, Song Exploder It became over time, one of the most relevant podcasts today. A fortnightly space in which songs of different styles are “deconstructed” to reveal their creative process, which from October 2 will have a place in the programming of Netflix.

The plan that Hirway launched six years ago consists of nothing more than retrace the path of themes ranging from pop to punk and hardcore, from movie soundtracks to musicals or video game bands, for no other purpose than to understand how they were made.

For this tour, the conductor summons those who know the most about them: their authors. Thus, through Song Exploder, characters from the music industry such as Björk, Wilco, Metallica, The Roots, Lorde, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Killers, Iggy Pop and U2, among many others.

Following its beginnings on the Maximum Fun network and a standalone season, the podcast later joined Radiotopia, a network that brings together many of the world’s newest podcasting propositions.

With a duration that until now ranged from 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the depth that the delivery achieves, the format will now have a new challenge ahead, which is to resist the demands of the television format under a sign like Netflix.

From the trailer, everything indicates that the step that Hirway is about to take will not be false. There appear, among others, the New York singer and songwriter Alicia Keys, the most talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose musical Hamilton is on the way to becoming one of the greatest exponents in the history of the genre, and the leader of R.E.M., Michael Stipe.

Unlike the “radio” format, whose charm often lies precisely in the concentration that audio requires to imagine what lies beyond the device from which the words and music that shape each of the stories come out, the proposal that is coming includes the visual as one of its essential elements.

At first glance, one should assume with a high degree of certainty that the addition of images to the musicians’ narratives and the interaction with the conductor certainly enrich the plan. However, we will have to see to verify and certify that what we are going to see will not divert our attention from what we are going to have to listen to in each delivery of Song Exploder in Netflix version.

The sources of inspiration, the difficulties that a composition faces, the wonderful miracle of spontaneous creation, the laborious evolution of the melody that does not arrive, the architecture of a harmony that defines the destiny of a song.

That’s what it’s about Song-Exploder, of rummaging, spying, exploring the most hidden and unknown corners of the music that forms the sound part of our lives. From the hand, of course, of those who imagined them before they began to ring in our ears. An experience that can be addressed from October 2, on Netflix.



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