Forward from the previous six seasons in Swiss A-League HC Lugano Linus Klasen returned to his native Sweden and Luleå for the beginning of the season.

In an interview with SVT, 34-year-old Klasen returned to time in Lugano.

Three years ago, Klasen was two months old ConnorThe boy became life-threatening and began to cramp and vomit. Connor was taken by helicopter to a hospital where the doctor had bad news: the boy had meningitis and was put on a ventilator.

– We were preparing for the worst. Doctors could not guarantee he would be healed. In most of the cases they see, the child wakes up as a plant, Klasen said in an interview with STV.

Klasen discussed with his wife Emman with how they would survive if Connor died.

– Emma’s hair turned gray and I lost a lot of weight. It was tough, but the boy was strong and survived, Klasen said.

Connor is now a healthy 3-year-old boy, but Klasen still finds it hard to talk about the case.

– I’ve never really talked about this. my wife and I talked about it a few times, but other than that the matter has been silent. For example, photos are difficult to view. I’m just trying to enjoy the fact that he’s fine now, Klasen told SVT.

Winner of the points exchange

Klasen has played in the Swedish main series in the shirt of Södertälje, Malmö and Luleå and has collected 195 (85 + 110) power points in 257 matches. In 2013, he won the playoffs and SHL silver. In Lugano, he scored 251 (71 + 180) power points in 265 matches and won the playoffs exchange in 2016.

The 2014 World Cup bronze medalist has played four NHL matches in a Nashville Predators shirt. Klasen has 47 AHL matches in its account and 45 (22 + 23) power points in them.