The solution through which the Romanian mayoralties pass in the 21st century with digital tools

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There are solutions for reducing bureaucracy, eliminating queues and streamlining the activity of Romanian town halls, and for this, Zitec launches the Essential Guide for the Digitalization of the City Hall.

Although lately the digitization and debureaucratization of public institutions are common topics in the public agenda, progress in this direction remains quite slow, and we all know that.

Romania is the country with the second fastest fixed internet in Europe, but in many public administrations in the country the citizen still has to stand in line to submit or obtain various documents, pay taxes or simply receive information .

In order to meet the efforts of local elected officials who want to bring the mayor’s office closer to the citizens, the Zitec team developed a short questionnaire, available on the website, meant to help them evaluate the degree of digitalization of the mayor’s office they run.

After completing it, if the result does not reveal a 100% digitization percentage, the respondent will receive by email the Essential Guide for the Digitization of the City Hall.

Solutions for digitizing the administration

The document includes a wide range of recommendations, from hardware infrastructure verification, IT security, communication applications, to the use of e-government applications and software solutions for business transparency and efficiency of public services offered to citizens.

According to Zitec, guide it is a support for newly elected or reconfirmed mayors in a new mandate in their effort to reduce bureaucracy in the institutions they lead.

“We continue to accelerate the digitization process in public institutions in Romania, in prolonging the efforts of the Regista Caravan and launch the Essential Guide for the Digitization of the City Hall,” said Alexandru Lăpușan, CEO and co-founder of Zitec.

“The questionnaire and the Guide proposed by us are free tools, available to any local authorities who want a preliminary assessment of the level of digitization in the institution and we are convinced that by following the recommendations in the guide, municipalities will take the first steps I serve them, “he added.

Regista’s solution, developed by the Zitec team, is the market leader in the segment of registry applications and document management in the local public administration.

The role of the application is to automate and streamline the activities of local, governmental institutions and companies through the modules of electronic registration, document management and e-Government.

Zitec initiated in the spring of this year Caravana Regista, a campaign through which a mobile unit set off on a journey through the country, in order to accelerate the digitization process in public institutions.

The caravan has already traveled through 200 localities in 10 counties and presented the benefits of the Regista solution directly at the town halls.

According to the company’s data, so far over 550 public institutions and companies from all counties of the country have improved their work processes and reduced bureaucracy through Regista.

The application has 10,000 users nationwide who have registered over 10 million documents over time. The Regista application can be accessed from anywhere by civil servants or company employees, being available directly from the browser, without installation and with all information securely stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud.


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