The government recommends suspending group hobbies for adults in areas where the epidemic is spreading. The CEO of the SM League Riku Kallioniemen according to these new guidelines do not cause measures for men’s main series hockey.

– We interpret this as meaning that there is only more to react regionally here now, Kallioniemi says.

Private events for more than ten people should also be avoided in areas in the spread phase. The Finnish Championship League already has experience with this recommendation as well, as all of Vaasan Sport’s home matches in October had to be postponed due to a restriction on the city.

– Of course, the difficulty factor increases if several of these overlap, Kallioniemi says.

The instructions of the Board are somewhat open to interpretation. The SM League also had to confirm separately whether Vaasan Sport could continue to play in other cities when it comes to a professional team.

– One wish is that the messages are understandable and consistent. Now that we all need to learn to live with this, it would be extremely important that the instructions and advice are easy to understand, Kallioniemi says.

74,000 viewers

Kallioniemi is pleased that the same restrictions do not apply to the whole country.

– Flexibility and responding to the situation is basically a good thing. A worse option would be to decide to shut down the whole country.

The CEO believes and hopes that a similar line will continue in the future.

– I understand that all decision-makers and authorities have a common vision that by all means to avoid the fact that the Finnish device would be completely closed. That would no longer be the case.

According to the CEO, Korona has not been a problem in the Finnish Championship League games, although about 74,000 spectators have already attended the 33 games in the autumn.

– The halls have safety gaps in good condition, people follow the recommendations perfectly and masks are used. In my opinion, there have been no problems at our matches, nor at other sporting events.