The Hockey League government has decided that a five-game ban will not be automatically imposed on head tackles for the start of the season.

The league tightened sanctions for head-on struggles in mid-last December. Many welcomed the rule from a player health perspective, but at the same time the rule was seen to have some casting flaws.

With the league’s recent rule refinement, a “clear” head tackle will result in a five-match ban. Due to the reproach of the tackle, the penalty may be increased and if no head-to-head contact occurs in a clear tackle situation or where the contacting player has “low reproach”, a ban of less than five matches may be imposed.

As early as January, the League clarified that the minimum penalty for five matches only applies to tackling situations.

In addition, the League set up a working group for the beginning of the term, which will review the decisions of the disciplinary delegation three to four times during the period. In addition to the “functionality” of penal practices, the working group reviews match situations that have not progressed to disciplinary action. The working group reports to the League Board.

The league season begins on Thursday in Hämeenlinna with a match between HPK and Kärppi.

In this way, the main stakes will be punished in the coming season

1. A clear Head Rigging is considered a five (5) match ban.

2. If the act of the rookie proves guilty, the penalty shall be increased by five matches at the discretion of the delegation. Criticism is shown, for example, by jumping in a tackle, intentionally making head-to-head contact, overstepping the game situation, or coming into the situation as a third player.

3. Head contacts that are not obvious tackling situations or where the intensity of the contact or the reproach of the player causing the hit is low may be considered worthy of a ban of less than five matches, taking into account all circumstances and the players’ actions in the game situation.