The Finnish Championship League announced on Wednesday on the determination of the rankings of the teams in the regular season in the event of an emergency caused by the corona epidemic.

The series ranking for the period starting on Thursday, 2020–21, will be determined, if necessary, on the basis of a point average.

The criteria also specify a minimum number of matches for teams continuing to play in Playoffs.

Games in between

Matches that may not be played due to a corona epidemic will be postponed. If this is not possible, there will be no handover gains or losses for these matches in the League during this period. In this situation, the match may not be played and will not be considered in the league table.

If the Regular Series ends in a situation where no matches have been played, the Series Rank will be determined on the basis of the average score.

This was already the case when last season was interrupted just before the playoffs began. Tappara was the only one to play all 60 matches in the regular season. It was a point ahead of Lukko, who played less in the match, but the Rauma team got a second place based on their slightly better point average (Lukko 2.00, Tappara 1.98).

Half the minimum

If a team’s Average Score per match is the same between two teams while the exception criteria are in effect, the number of three-point wins will determine their order in the table. From then on, the normal series table arrangement criteria apply.

However, in order to qualify for the Playoffs, a team must have played at least half of the number of matches of the team that played the most.