A 33-storey house is returning to the city of Ulsan on the east coast of South Korea. According to media reports, the fire broke out after 11 pm local time (five in the afternoon Finnish time) on Thursday.

According to Yonhap news agency, hundreds of people have been evacuated from the house, some from the roof. The fire department is still going through the house and trying to save any people who may be trapped inside. The skyscraper has both business premises and apartments.

According to current information, the fire has been survived without casualties. Fifty people have been injured after inhaling smoke. 36 of them have been taken to hospital.

In the early stages of the fire, the entire house appeared to burn like a torch as the flammable materials on its exterior walls caught fire. The spread of the fire was facilitated by a strong wind. However, the fire department took control of the situation relatively quickly and a couple of hours after the fire, some parts of the house were burned.

Initially, the fire was reported to have started from the 12th floor, but it later emerged that the site of first ignition was on the third floor.

The house has 127 apartments and 380 inhabitants.