The situation that could lead to a massive exodus in Barcelona of Lionel Messi

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Due to the crisis derived from the pandemic, the directive intends to lower the salaries of employees. That includes the players, who would have the possibility to declare themselves in freedom of action.

That Barcelona is not living the happiest moment in recent times is something known; that the world is overshadowed by a pandemic that led to economic crises in the vast majority of countries, too. And this combo could generate major problems in the future for the team led by Lionel Messi.

Due to the losses in its annual income, the Catalan club began a process to lower the salary of its employees, which would also include professional players. And this situation It could open the door to an exodus.

This week Jordi Moix, economic vice president of the club, presented by videoconference the balance of the 2019/20 season of the institution, which showed a deficit of 97 million euros when it was planned to have a surplus. “They are accounts accredited by our auditor without qualifications, as in our ten years,” explained Moix. The initial estimates were to close with a balance of two million in favor.

At the same time, Moix stressed that the club managed to save 74 million euros thanks to the effort in control and the reduction of expenses to face the drop in income during the pandemic. Of these 74 million, 35 are the result of the agreements to reduce sports salaries applied during the season.

There is a key fact: last season every four euros that entered the treasury, three were allocated to the budget of the professional team. The revenue reduction forecast for this season is 7.5%.

The leader clarified that the disaster is evident in the rest of the powerful clubs in Europe and exemplified with the 71.4 million euros that Juventus lost, the 43.4 million of Borussia Dortmund and the 110 million losses estimated by Manchester United .

In this sense, he stated that during the pandemic, European clubs have stopped earning 4 billion euros.

Based on these numbers, the club decided to create a negotiating table to lower salaries for professional players and club workers. “To keep the indicators of the wage bill within the recommended rates, there has to be a readjustment,” warned Moix, although he did not want to give details of the new percentage of reduction.

Nor did he want to refer to how much the exits of Luis Suárez, Arturo Vidal or Ivan Rakitic meant for the club’s accounts, although according to different information, in the case of the Uruguayan his file was valued at 23.4 million euros gross per year, the Croatian received 13.3 million euros gross and the Chilean about nine million.

The Spanish web Brand He slides that the evil could be greater for the club if it tries to force the reduction of its players. “The risk that they will claim the freedom letter is more than feasible, or at least that they will challenge the measure, since they are protected by law based on article 41 of the Workers’ Statute, which is the one that governs the procedure opened by Barcelona” , details the sports newspaper.

Professional footballers will have a representative at the negotiating table, regulated by the Workers’ statute, who will debate the measures to be adopted in each case.

The economic vice president of the club chose caution and clarified that they had not yet discussed the issue with the campus. “We are going to reach an agreement,” he said. And he remarked that it will be necessary to “index” salaries to the new income derived from the pandemic. At the same time, the Human Resources Department has already informed employees that the club is forced to another readjustment.

In the midst of this global crisis, Barcelona’s net debt went from 217 million last season to 488 million today. “We reduced expenses but not enough. So we have had to defer payments on bank loans, ”Moix said.

Thinking about the future of its stars, the most encouraging outlook for the club – although highly unlikely – is that they themselves endorse a general salary cut. The most feasible scenario is that the negotiation stage is reached.

This instance offers different exits and renews the ghosts that flew over a very short time ago with the threat of Lionel Messi to leave the club because he considered himself in a position to do so.

It is still premature to venture it, but it is presumed that, in case of not reaching an agreement, some players who do not accept a new reduction in their salary could go to the Labor Court to force the termination of their relationship.


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