The singer-songwriter and journalist from Teruel Joaquín Carbonell has passed away this Saturday, September 12, victim of the coronavirus, after being admitted to the Lozano Blesa University Clinical Hospital in Zaragoza for 47 days.

Born in the town of Alloza, in the province of Teruel, Carbonell was born in 1947 and was one of the forerunners, together with his friend José Antonio Labordeta, Tomás Bosque or La Bullonera of the New Aragonese Song movement. Actually, was part of the group The Three Americans, along with Big Bob and David Giménez.

His first record, With everyone’s help (RCA), was released in 1976 and has since recorded nearly one twenty records. As a musician he has created songs related to Real Zaragoza, such as Lion heart, Zaragol or the official anthem of the seventy-fifth anniversary.

According to the singer-songwriter’s official website, Carbonell also directed and presented various tv shows on TVE in Aragón and, in collaboration with José Miguel Iranzo made a couple of biographical documentaries such as José Iranzo, the Pastor of Andorra and José Antonio Labordeta, with his voice in tow.

Carbonell also grew his writer side. He worked for four years at the newspaper The day and then began as a poet and storyteller, in addition to collaborating for 24 years in The Aragón Newspaper, where he has conducted more than 7,000 interviews and daily television criticism under the title Paranoid Antena.

In addition, in 2019, this reference of the Aragonese song received the Medal for Cultural Merit of Aragon and he celebrated his 50 years of musical activity with a concert held at the Principal Theater of Zaragoza.