Mihai Georgescu addressed an “open letter to Romania on the verge of madness”, in which he talks about the controversies arising from Dan Bittman’s statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The singer of the band Bere Gratis states that he feels outraged and offended by people’s reactions. The artist urges Romanians to be less fierce and to remember that, 30 years ago, we all won the right to free expression, at the cost of the lives of our loved ones.

“In the last few days I have seen many interviews with D. Bittman. I know him. He is my friend of 20 years. Good / bad, stupid / smart, talented / untalented, he is still a personality of Romanian music. I listened to an opinion, an upset, a frustration, a need. Others heard blasphemy, disrespect, an act of unconsciousness. Others saw a mess, a conspiracy theory, a controlled service madness. Others thought it was stupidity, paranoia, lack of information, hypocrisy. I would very much like to agree with everyone. Pacifist. But I feel outraged and offended. Isn’t it possible for some of us to have feelings that we can turn into free thought and expression, or do we need permission to open our mouths about what, where, how, and when?

It’s too much nonsense, people!

Maybe what Dănuţ, Mitza, Gicu, Licu, Mirel Rădoi or Uncle Floarea said is not correct. It’s not good. We don’t like it and it’s not useful. But maybe they also have an indisputable right, for which some still complain about their fathers, sons, daughters, grandchildren, grandparents. After 30 years. It’s too much madness, people. And we have another right. Let’s vote. No one is apolitical. Just because we vote. We have likes and dislikes, legends and idols, people we can no longer bear to see or hear. But that doesn’t give us the right to shut up. That doesn’t give us the right to believe that we are better, more beautiful, and smarter. That doesn’t give us the right to do anything against anyone, “the artist wrote.

“I claim that this people understood when there were floods, when they died on their heads at the COLLECTIVE, when they rebuilt the M. Curie Hospital, when concrete fell on people in” 77 etc, etc. For and above all I passed with love. Don’t you want us to do the same with COVID? As. No madness.

For each of us says to his wife, husband, mother, father, children, grandparents: And I did not love anyone / As I loved you! PS: I stayed in the house too. I’m wearing a mask too. I have a child at school too. I have an elderly father too. I also lost my job “, Mihai Georgescu also transmitted.

Dan Bittman, outraged by the measures imposed by the authorities

Dan Bittman, the lead singer of the band Holograf, said that he can no longer bear to live in the “degrading conditions” that came with the increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus, which the singer says is “out of his stomach” by the authorities.

Present, on Wednesday, at Gândul Live, the soloist of the band Holograf, Dan Bittman, was outraged by the restrictive measures imposed by the authorities since the coronavirus pandemic was declared. In the evening of the same day, the artist continued his tirade on “Synthesis of the day”, the show moderated by Mihai Gâdea. Here, he received his reply from the doctor Adrian Streinu-Cercel, the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases „Prof. Dr. Matei Balş ”.

In reply, doctor Adrian Streinu-Cercel says that it is not the time for such divisive speeches.

“The divisive speeches are meaningless at this time. All the health systems in the world have cracked, no one is smarter or worse than the other. We all have a pandemic and for another two years from now on we will have to face and get along well if we are united “, said Adrian Streinu-Cercel on Antena 3.

Psychiatrist Gabriel Diaconu also intervened in this controversy, saying that Streinu-Cercel and Bittman are like “the patch and the sack”.

“The reason Professor Cercel and Dan Bittman are like the sack and the patch is that among the people who minimized and downplayed the importance and fatality of this virus, there was, at first, Professor Cercel who said it was” a common flu. ” Because, between us, when a new pathogen appears, the first estimates are, in most cases, erroneous, precisely because of the lack of concrete data. “

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