The signatures in Independiente continue: Lucas Rodríguez and an original presentation

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The side that was free of Tigre arrived to cover a place that had been left unguarded in defense. In the next few days, two other new faces would sign.

After the verbal confirmations, in Independiente the reinforcements are signing one by one and they begin to be officially presented. I had already done it last week Ezequiel Muñoz, the first new face in the Lucas Pusineri cycle. And this Thursday he did Lucas Rodriguez, the left-back who arrived with the pass in his possession to cover a headless sector of the last line and who had a very original welcome in the networks of the Avellaneda club, which used the popular game Soccer Manager to announce it.

Meanwhile, in the next few hours Sebastián Sosa and Federico Martinez, the other two insured incorporations. Will there be any more?

With the outputs of Gaston Silva and of Juan Sanchez Miño, the left sector of the defense had been left empty. Only Pusineri had the kid Thomas ortega in that position. That’s why one of the pass market searches was for a left-handed tip marker. It was tried by Rafael Delgado, of Colón, and by Elijah Gomez, by Argentinos Juniors, but the limited wallet of the Diablo it was a barrier.

There Rodríguez appeared on the radar, but Pusineri was made noise by no lesser detail: he shares the same representative. Gustavo Goñi He manages the career of the 27-year-old player who was freed from Tigre and the coach, who hesitated at first, since he wanted to avoid suspicions being generated around this negotiation.

Given the lack of drinkable alternatives and Pusi’s liking for Rodríguez, his arrival was defined with clear conditions: from the defender’s environment they warned that there were no commissions in this operation. Rodríguez signed until December 31 with a low salary plus an objective bonus.

In January, Independiente will have the possibility of extending his contract until the end of 2021 in exchange for a charge of $ 80,000 and an improvement in his salary. In addition, you will have an option to purchase 500 thousand dollars for 60 percent of the pass from this side who, in addition to Tigre, played for Argentinos and Veracruz de México, adding 125 games in his career.

From the club’s networks they had the idea of ​​presenting it in an ingenious way through the Soccer Manager, a very famous game that attracts thousands of fans who pretend to manage a club in their own way.

Now they are expected to arrive Federico Martinez from Rosario and Sebastian Sosa from Mazatlán to stamp their signature and join the Pusineri squad that this Saturday will have its first friendly: against Gimnasia La Plata.

Will there be more reinforcements? The DT insists that he needs a branded central midfielder and a center forward to be the alternative to Silvio Romero. There are no names in sight and from the leadership they warn that they are not for large expenses, so the search is even more complicated.

Carlos Benavidez, A relegated midfielder returned to training with the first team. Will it be used by Pusineri? At the moment it is not the idea, but if finally nobody arrives in that position, the Uruguayan could be considered if he wins it in training.

Lucas Albertengo was one of the many who was not going to be taken into account in Independiente by Lucas Pusineri and he trained separately, with the group under the command of Fernando Berón. But this Thursday he signed the untying of his contract and will collect a debt in installments. This is how this forward who knew how to be champion of the Copa Sudamericana 2017 said goodbye to the Avellaneda club.



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