The separation of Almendra, among the pearls offered by the Stage 2 Festival, free and via streaming

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Until October 30, through the public platform Contar, 24 documentaries about musicians can be seen. Here, the programming on the images of the songs.

Until Friday, October 30, the festival is running Scenario 2: Cinema + Music. Free and by streaming, through the public platform Contar, they can be seen 24 documentaries about musicians.

The festival seeks to consolidate the value of documentary production about music. The schedule is divided into three sections: “Official Section”, “Rescues and rarities” Y “Tributes”. In addition, there will be special guests, live interviews and online meetings with directors, musicians and protagonists of the films.

There will be a selection of films released in recent years and also unpublished. Among the former, titles such as The Knacks: Leave Me In The Past, by Mariano and Gabriel Nesci, awarded at the Mar del Plata Festival; A band of girls, by Marilina Giménez, o Satori Sur, de Federico Rotstein.

Between the “Tributes”, the figure of Alcira Luengas, a pioneering documentary maker, appears filmed the separation of Almendra in 1970, a material that was lost for 50 years and that will now be presented by first time to the public.

A small part of the Cinepress archive will also be released with a selection of popular artists (Mercedes Sosa, Jairo, Sandro, Jorge Cafrune, Zupay Quartet and Atahualpa Yupanqui) in videos never seen before, and that represent one of the great discoveries for Argentine culture.

Also there is a tribute to Zuhair Jury, with The dumb piano, a discontinued film about the pianist Miguel Ángel Estrella, fully restored. And the premiere of Argentinian tangoby Simón Feldman, key filmmaker of the generation of ’60. It is a never-before-released documentary on the history of tango that brings together figures such as Astor Piazzolla or “Tata” Cedrón.

Scheduling the Official Section will be renewed every week, that is each movie will be available for seven days. The sections Rescues, Tributes and the sample of Orco Videos they can be enjoyed during the entire festival.

By Juan Riggirozzi

After 30 years of experience, the punk band Cadena Perpetua performs a series of nine shows in Buenos Aires, in a small place, for no more than 150 people, without fences or security with the idea of ​​bringing the formative years of the hardcore-punk scene. The result of that record is this documentary, intimate, intense, in white, black and red.

De Daniel Charlone

Eduardo Mateo, Uruguayan musician and composer, is remembered by the protagonists of his time and by the versions of established musicians of the current scene who recognize the decisive influence of an artist as fundamental as he is elusive.

The documentary proposes an approach to the work and life of an artist who witnessed the radical changes that occurred in Uruguay in the second half of the 20th century.

By Mana García

In the missionary jungle, the Mbya Guaraní people keep their legacy alive through the songs of their children. Charo Bogarín and Diego Pérez, creators of the Tonolec duo, go into their villages looking for melodies that serve as inspiration for a new album.

By Carolina Rojo

After composing the theme that gives its name to her second solo album, “Madre baile”, Vivi Pozzebón becomes interested in the ethno-musical origins of the quartet and the figure of Leonor Marzano, who knew how to mix the tarantella and the paso doble on her piano to give rise to the characteristic rhythm of Córdoba: the quartet. From here comes this record about the origin of the quartet from the 1940s to the present.


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