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A contracture in the right hamstring, difficulty that made him go out in the assistance cart in the second half against Ecuador, has Marcos Acuña with a foot and a half outside the second commitment of the National Team in this double initial date of Qualifying, the of this Tuesday at 17 against Bolivia in Peace.

And to replace it Egg, Lionel Scaloni has a range of options that give him different characteristics for the left sector of the midfield, an area without a fixed owner in the current cycle. Who will be the owner there? That is the only doubt that persists less than 24 hours after stepping on the Hernando Siles.

The field of The Strongest It was the scene of a training session that will remain in the archives of the national team, since it is not common for an Argentine team to rehearse the day before the match at altitude. However, for logistical reasons and also supported by recommendations from different sources consulted, the Albiceleste technical body preferred to arrive early in the city, which is about 3,680 meters above sea level.

One of the news of the practice that took place on the afternoon of this Monday, at the same time the match will be played, went through what happened outside the field of play: a drone that flew over the stadium for some 15 minutes and that caused annoyances on the campus.

The curious were not lacking either, who gathered to watch the practice from a mountain near Hernando Siles, which offered a privileged view. Until the Police considered that the number of onlookers was too important and removed them from the place.

Already on the grass, the uncertainty about the missing link of the middle of the field of Argentina was not clarified.

If not Acuña, who? The coach warned in his press conference that the dilemma is to put “an internal midfielder or an extreme”, that is to say that everything depends on whether you are looking for more play in the middle or greater depth outside. For both cases you have names to choose from.

One who is a weakness for the 42-year-old coach is Exequiel Palacios, the former River currently at Bayer Leverkusen. Palacios, in fact, is one of the candidates bidding to stay with that position without an owner in the National Team although his lack of minutes in the Bundesliga works against him. Anyway, Scaloni had clarified last week that this time he was not worried about the inactivity of some, something that will begin to take preponderance from the next call.

Another offensive midfielder who treads the area is Nicolas Dominguez, who entered through Ocampos in the last leg of the victory in the Candy box. For now, the ex-Vélez never entered the Major, but has been climbing in the consideration of the coaching staff. Alexis Mac Allister It is another that can give more elaboration to the middle zone, but it would be very strange if it jumped from being outside the bank to nonstop ownership.

If Scaloni finally turns for an attacker, he has Eduardo Salvio. He This It was Boca’s first court change. If he plays, Ocampos should go from the right to the left of the field. Alejandro Gomez and Joaquin Correa are the other alternatives.

As happened in the pre-premiere, the coach will confirm the line-up on the morning of the match, which would only have one variant with respect to the victory against Ecuador. The training this Monday served to see how everyone responds to the effects of height and also to make friends with the speed of the ball.

With the premise of giving continuity to the names that have been playing, the team that is emerging is: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico; Lucas Ocampos, Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Palacios or Domínguez or Salvio; Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez.

With almost everything ready, the National Team will look for its second win in a row to round off a favorable start from the results, something that can give momentum and peace of mind for November.



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