This Friday, September 25, comes to Amazon Prime Video the long-awaited documentary series about Fernando Alonso, under the name of the pilot himself.

Produced by Mediapro for almost two years, the series consists of five chapters of ‘Fernando’ that summarize very succinctly the two seasons of the Asturian’s impasse before deciding to return to the Formula 1. In fact, he only talks about his return to Renault in the last two minutes of the series, in clear proof that the recording team was almost taken by surprise by the announcement.

This medium has had access to the 5 complete chapters and several conclusions can be drawn. Without going too deep, it does leave details never seen before, in addition to having the collaboration of Alonso’s most intimate circle, such as his partner Linda Morselli, his sister Lorraine, his representative Luis Garcia Abad, his good friend and right hand Alberto Fernandez ‘Galle’ or her physiotherapist (and Lorena’s husband) Edoardo Bendinelli.

The second great certainty is that it is his participation in the Dakar on which the whole story pivots, with a somewhat dubious conclusion.

This is a short synopsis of each chapter. Beware, there may be spoilers.

Chapter 1: “I’m not going to stop”

The documentary begins with shots of the end: his participation in the Dakar, which was to be the culmination of the series until they were forced to the epilogue for the return of Alonso to Formula 1. This is the starting point through which Alonso himself opens the doors of his home in Lugano, Switzerland, to begin to show his most personal side.

How are his last days as a McLaren driver in Formula 1 but also what he is like his relationship with Linda Morselli, as well as his refuge in Asturias, where he continues to have a relationship with his lifelong friends.

This chapter also begins the tests for the mythical raid and how the first contacts were, in addition to his participation and victory in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 2018, his first major milestone outside the Grand Circus.

Chapter 2: “I don’t know what to say”

If there is a time when Alonso hit rock bottom in these two years, that was undoubtedly in the Indianapolis 500 2019. This painful passage through the legendary oval centers the second chapter of the series.

The cameras follow him in the preparation in the Chevrolet simulator or in the Bell factory, where he designs his helmet in detail to the point of taking into account how the stickers of ‘Kimoa’, his clothing brand, would be seen in the onboard cameras of a race … which he failed to qualify for.

This chapter also brings us closer to Alonso’s business side and how was his visit to ‘El Hormiguero’, where this Thursday he will also go to promote precisely this documentary.

Chapter 3: “Everything is possible”

The chapter in which Alonso shows his character and his competitiveness, which brings out his most bitter side when he loses, begins with the press conference in which he had to swallow the toad to explain the disaster in Indianapolis 2019 (his participation in 2020 has not entered this series).

  • Fernando Alonso’s sins in the 2020 Indianapolis 500 (or why he lost his options days before)

    David Sánchez de Castro

Then they focus on his second victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, also in 2019, where they bring out a critical moment of the race: his anger when, due to poor communication from the wall, he lost a few hours of sleep waiting for a night relay with Sebastien Buemi.

In addition, Alonso himself shows one of his best kept secrets: what he keeps in his wallet. Among other things, he confesses that due to his hundreds of trips around the world, at the time of recording this chapter, he accumulated 21 passports already stamped.

The Dakar is getting closer and the most serious tests are already here. Your relationship with Carlos Sainz or how their first rallies were gestated also appear in this chapter.

Chapter 4: “Out of My Environment”

From the podium at Le Mans, Alonso travels to his Museum and Circuit in Asturias to leave the trophy. There he says that the idea of ​​riding it came after winning his first World Championship with Renault. “Suddenly I had a Formula 1 in my garage and more and more my friends came to see me,” he jokes.

One of those friends, who has become his right hand man, is Alberto Fernandez, ‘Galle‘ for friends. He and Alonso have known each other since they were pre-teens, when the current Asturian’s assistant was a promising kart driver who had a mechanic who would later become a legend in world motorsports. “A detail: on my mobile I have the last name ‘Brother'”, exemplifies to tell the relationship between them.

‘Galle’ is a fundamental part of Alonso’s life, but he is also his employee. In addition to acting as his assistant, he is a key part of Kimoa’s management, in which Alonso is involved to the point of being the first to test the new glasses models.

The chapter ends with the participation of Alonso in the morocco rally before the Dakar and how Sainz gave him the last advice before being rivals in the toughest race in the world.

Chapter 5: “Mission Accomplished”

After thinking about it throughout the series, this final chapter focuses exclusively on Alonso’s participation in the Dakar.

Among images already seen, such as that of his famous overturn or the stage that almost won, the other side of the competition is also discovered. How the motorhome that served as the base of operations for Alonso, Galle and Bendinelli, who lived their own adventure, was prepared, how was their relationship with Marc Coma or how they had to learn to be mechanics of the Toyota Hilux with which they participated. In this last aspect, the good vibes and respect that won the Asturian of the Toyota team mechanic chief in the Dakar.

After a little memory of Paulo Gonçalves, one of the two victims of this raid (and a ‘footwear’ tribute with little naturalness), the series ends with a “let’s go, we have to continue” by Alonso … should have been the brooch gold, until he appears again months later in what were his first images as a Renault driver.

“Yes, I’m back”, are the words with which the series closes.