A capsule with samples of a distant asteroid, that have been collected final yr by a Japanese house probe, arrived this Tuesday at Such after touchdown final Sunday in a desert space in southern Australia.

In accordance with photos broadcast by tv, the capsule containing sand from the asteroid Ryugu arrived on a airplane that landed on the airport Haneda and later it was transported to the headquarters of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Company (JAXA).

The samples have been taken final yr by the Japanese house probe Hayabusa2, which was launched in 2014 and fell off the capsule final Saturday because it approached Earth after a journey of about 5.2 billion kilometers.

The capsule is anticipated to be opened within the subsequent few days in a laboratory of JAXA and all through 2021 scientists will analyze its content material to search for indicators that point out how the Photo voltaic System was fashioned with the info supplied by the sand of Ryugu.

Among the many samples taken by Hayabusa2 underground stays of Ryugu, which haven’t been affected by exterior components, which might present helpful details about the formation of the Photo voltaic System.

In a press convention after the arrival of the capsule, JAXA officers stated {that a} first evaluation carried out in Australia detected the presence of fuel within the machine, however they haven’t been in a position to affirm whether or not it got here from the aforementioned asteroid.

“We now have made measurements on molecular weight, however we want to examine it intimately within the close to future. It could possibly be anticipated that (the fuel stays) come from Ryugu),” stated one of many individuals accountable for the venture, Makoto Yoshikawa.