The secret of performance starts with the tool used. Ideas about the best equipment

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If you look closely at 2020 you can say that it is a return to technology that you would have thought, possibly at the end of 2019, that it already falls into the vintage category. But now it is necessary, efficient and sought after. It was PC plus it took on another nuance: it was PC plus everything else makes you more efficient.

If you had asked me a year ago what devices are needed for work and entertainment, every day, I would have said a phone, a tablet and a laptop with or without a webcam – fixed in that order. The laptop is crucial to me because of its keyboard. Could I replace it with a keyboard tablet? It is possible that a year ago it was said yes. Now I’ve reevaluated things a bit.

2020 showed us that there is definitely no “postPC” era.

It is the PC that helps us to be productive and even to have this digital development of the various processes in our lives. From work and paying bills and taxes to keeping in touch with people. In a phrase that is perhaps a little too pathetic, we can say that it is a return to the old fashioned way.

In 2020, I repeatedly found myself in a situation that is not foreign to others: I was looking for a better keyboard, a better mouse, even a webcam, a microphone and, in particular, a laptop. or even a much better PC than the one I used. Again and again we came to an older conclusion: you can excel in something and do well in any situation, but you do yourself a disservice if the equipment does not keep up with you.

That’s how I got to the point where I evaluate the supply on the market of suppliers of such equipment. Not a few times I looked at what Dell Technologies offers and I was delighted. So I said maybe I can help others. That’s how I came to this article, which identified that, regardless of user profile, from business and content creation needs to increased productivity, there is a device in Dell Technologies’ portfolio that meets the requirements of the consumer or company offering them. employees.

But wait, is Dell still making computers? Yes, even some excellent furniture

Dell Latitude 2-in-1, as its name suggests, is a device in the form of a laptop, but which can fulfill both the role of tablet and viewer. It depends on how you need it, at the moment, which makes it extremely useful, because it adapts to the task. And when it comes to hardware, you have models with 13 or 14 inch screens. For companies, Dell also provides additional support for integrating the equipment into its structure. For both enterprise and home use, you can choose a model with a fingerprint scanner to ensure the security of your data.

At the software level, there are also three functions to keep in mind. The first is Intelligent Audio which automatically adjusts the system by adjusting background noise, managing speech volume, and refining the overall sound experience. When you’re in a video conference you definitely need something like that.

Then, on the autonomy side, you have ExpressCharge. It is a function supported by artificial intelligence algorithms that improves battery performance by adapting to typical power consumption and charging models. For example, with ExpressCharge Boost you have 80% battery charged in one hour.

Finally, there is ExpressResponse. And I admit that I would put it first among the necessary options. Also through artificial intelligence algorithms you launch faster the applications you use more often. The performance, it can be said, is adapted to the user.

But I admit that the products I love the most are the XPS series. This is about performance at the highest level, as well as a refinement of the product for special tasks. Dell directs them to content creators, which means they’re great for anything else.

Both models use state-of-the-art Intel processors, Nvidia video cards, either RTX or GTX, depending on what you need, and are spectacular when it comes to the screen. The XPS 15 9500 has a 15-inch screen with a 16:19 aspect ratio with almost no edges. On the other hand, the XPS 17 9700 has 17-inch screens that you can have with both Full HD and 4K resolution, which is also true for the previous one.

As is the case with every laptop designed for content creation or gaming, my recommendation is to choose a version as close as possible to the most powerful. Not necessarily a 4K screen, but definitely plenty of storage, the fastest processor, maximum RAM and the best video card. You will not regret.

Sure, I made these recommendations, but I had my requirements in mind.

For education, for children, for someone who works a lot in online platforms and not performance is everything, there is also Dell Vostro 5501 or 5401. The idea is that they are geared towards increased data protection, they do not discount processors, but dedicated video cards are not the ones to play the coolest video games with. The stakes are on the balance between price and performance, but also security and portability.

For Vostro, Dell Mobile Connect is worth mentioning, which makes it easy for you to connect your iOS or Android phone to your laptop. With this you can make phone calls, send messages and, most importantly, receive notifications directly on your laptop. Of course, file transfer is fast and without complicating with cloud storage services, if you do not use.

We arrived at probably the most spectacular series, but not on the same principles as the XPS series. It’s about Dell Precision characterization as mobile workstations. There are three versions: Precision 3000, 5000 and 7000. Each of these models has access to Dell Optimizer, which, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, makes everyday use as fluid and efficient as possible. The screens, depending on the version, go up to 17 inches and, especially, you have access even to the Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000.

What’s fascinating about the XPS series is that the screen has almost no edges. What’s fascinating about Precision is its performance.

A good part of this year I managed with a 14-inch laptop, from 2017. It was horrible. With the transition to a more efficient one, I discovered how quickly tasks can be solved. What I wish for you too.

The summary of this list would be that, yes, Dell Technologies offers a wide range of PCs. Whether we are talking about those with a classic design, or whether they are portable, in the form of laptops, you can choose one that suits you to stay productive, no matter where you work and what your tasks are.

One last idea: since we started with the return to “old fashion”, it is important to look at what a company from which you want a product has in its portfolio in order to realize its expertise.

I said here that Dell provides a degree of security on laptops. But what does that guarantee? Well, Secureworks, which is in its backyard and is focused on developing data-based security solutions for the organization to detect and prevent security breaches and cyber attacks.

Then there is RSA, which provides business-based security solutions that uniquely link the business context to security incidents to help organizations manage digital risk and protect what matters most.

On the digital solutions side, there is Dell EMC that allows organizations to modernize, automate, and transform their data center through converged infrastructure, servers, storage, and data protection technologies. Companies are gaining a reliable foundation to transform their IT and develop new and better ways to work through hybrid cloud, creating native cloud applications and big data solutions.

And Vmware provides consistent cloud operations and a modern user experience at the core, cloud and edge level. Dell EMC co-designs systems with VMware to enable the transition from a secure foundation to transforming applications, services and experiences.

What I have listed as equipment are those in Dell’s portfolio. But behind them are branches of technology development whose usefulness was more evident than ever in 2020.


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