The Canary Islands survived the coronavirus spring much more easily than the rest of Spain. At present, 13,269 cases of infection and 233 COVID deaths in the archipelago still account for a fraction of the UK total (748,266 and 31,411).

Nevertheless, the authorities are concerned about the acceleration and spread of the epidemic. The Canary Islands are now considering strict restrictive measures to control the virus.

The worst situation is on the main island of Gran Canaria, which has doubling the number of infections compared to Tenerife. However, the virus has spread to every island, and 46 small infections have been found there, for example, in tiny El Hierro.

– The situation is extremely serious, Minister of Health of the archipelago Blas Trujillo complained The province according to the magazine.

Trujillo was particularly concerned about the situation at one hospital in Gran Canaria, where the epidemic has spread from patients to workers. Staff at the Hospital Universitario Insular de Gran Canaria have also complained that they do not have enough protective material.

The hospital performs approximately 1,400 corona tests daily.

A total of 196 medical staff infections have been diagnosed on the islands since the beginning of August alone.

The situation in the Canary Islands underlines the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus epidemic. The archipelago survived quite well in the first wave of spring, but now it has to resort to similar restrictive measures as on the mainland side.