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The Commission on Presidential Debates of the United States (CPD) announced this Thursday that the second presidential debate between Donald Trump y Joe Biden It will be held electronically. The debate will take place on October 16.

Faced with this decision, the US president has decided not to participate in the meeting unless the debate is held in person. “I will not waste my time in a virtual debate”, Trump said in statements to Fox. “I will not sit at the computer to debate, it would be ridiculous,” he said. The president has assured that the telematic celebration of the meeting is a strategy to “protect” Biden. His campaign bosses have ensured that instead of participating in the debate, the president will give a rally.

In addition to the debate in Miami next Friday, there is a last one scheduled for the 22nd in Nashville (Tennessee). Biden stated several days ago that “wait” to debate with Trump on those dates, but also that “very strict protocols must be followed so as not to get infected” and he asked that the debate not be held if Trump continued to be infected. The US president is currently in the White House but has not yet overcome covid-19 and continues to transmit the virus.

In a statement, the CPD has said that the ‘face to face’ will be a meeting in the style ‘town hall meeting‘- a forum with citizen questions – and that the two candidates will participate from “separate remote locations.” In addition, he has indicated that the debate will be moderated by Steve Scully, Chief of Policy of the television channel C-SPAN, and that both he and the rest of the participants, except the two candidates, will be at the Adrienne Arsht Center, in Miami, the place originally planned for the appointment. The decision of the Presidential Debate Commission thus puts an end to the doubts that have arisen around this second ‘face to face’ due to Trump’s convalescence from the coronavirus.

This Wednesday it was the turn of the vice presidential candidates, Kamala Harris y Mike Pence. They both personally debated partitions at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City. The candidates clashed on Wednesday over the handling of the pandemic during a debate that was tense but polite, and particularly relevant given the health of septuagenarians Donald Trump and Joe Biden.



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