The scenarios for the future of Antitokunbo “ignited” – This team wants to acquire him | NBA

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According to ESPN analyst Brian Windhost, the Dallas Mavericks will enter a very strong “battle” for the acquisition of Giannis Antitokoumbo, next summer, when the NBA MVP will be free from the Bucks.

“The Mavericks will be in the front line to convince Giannis. They want a third star. They want to stay as they are until 2021 and I do not expect to get a great player this year. They will wait. “

Rumors about Giannis Antitokoumbo continue to rage and everyone is watching the Bucks try to convince their star that he has prospects in Milwaukee. Dallas can become a very attractive destination for the Greek star, who with Luka Doncic have managed to change their data. The Mavericks are flourishing and with Giannis they can take off.

Will they be able to persuade Antikounbo to take this step?


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