The Savvidis family will continue to support the amateur PAOK! | NBA

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The season that has begun for virtually all sports is one of the most difficult in history. Mainly financially, as the effects of the pandemic are beginning to appear more and more.

Without tickets to the stadiums (so far), with the sponsors either leaving or significantly reducing their offers, the hoarseness is huge! Especially in sports that do not have the mass impact of football or basketball.

In recent years, PAOK has been suffering a lot as an OEM and has needed the support of the Savvidis family. At the level of Α.Σ. Things are going better, in many sports “Dikefalos” is a champion, always with the support of the family that has the majority package of shares of PAE.

Support for basketball, volleyball and all departments of AS. PAOK, will not stop from the Savvidis family this season either! This was exactly the information that all the heads of the departments had from George Savvidis. By purchasing durable packages, but also in any way needed during the season, depending on the needs that will be presented.


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