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“Be careful, the information that appeared in the Spanish media about the arrival of 10,000 Russian soldiers in Catalonia is incomplete,” the Russian embassy wrote on its Twitter account this Wednesday, echoing the news that the judge investigating the diversion of public funds To pay for Puigdemont’s expenses in Belgium, he suspects that, days before the DUI, Russia offered the former president to transfer 10,000 soldiers to Catalonia and pay the Catalan debt

“It is necessary to add two zeros to the number of soldiers,” says the Russian legation on its social account. “And the most shocking of all this conspiracy: troops should be transported by ‘Mosca’ and ‘Chato’ planes assembled in Catalonia during the Civil War and hidden in a safe place in the Cierra [sic] Catalan until receiving through these publications the order to act “.

The judge bases his suspicions on two audio files intervened on the phone of former CDC leader Víctor Terradellas, recordings of two conversations that he had with Madí and Vendrell on May 14, 2018 and May 16, 2018.

According to the instructor, in the recorded conversations Terradellas explained that on October 24, 2017, three days before the DUI, the head of a “Russian group” with whom he had contacted in relation to the cryptocurrency platform offered Puigdemont ” have ten thousand soldiers and pay all the Catalan debt “, but the ‘expresident’ “shit in his panties” (in Spanish: “he shitted his panties”), so that Puigdemont’s answer would have been negative.



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