The Rugby Championship, with the participation of Los Pumas, will be played in Australia

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The tournament, which will be played between November 7 and December 12, includes the dispute of 12 matches, in a roundtrip format.

He Rugby Championship 2020, the tournament in which Los Pumas will compete, will be played in Australia, the Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) confirmed today on its official website.

La Sanzaar, a body that brings together the powers of the southern hemisphere: Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, made the decision unanimously after weeks where different alternatives were considered considering the situation of each of the countries in relation to the pandemic.

The tournament, to take place between November 7 and December 12, It contemplates the dispute of 12 matches, in round-trip format.

Marcelo Rodriguez, UAR president, said that “since the beginning of the pandemic, participation in the Rugby Championship is a priority for the Argentine Rugby Union.”

“There were many days of uncertainty and of analyzing different possibilities that did not put the players at risk. Today we are a little closer to achieving the most beautiful thing that rugby has: to see Los Pumas on a field again,” he added.

Regarding the departure date from Los Pumas, different alternatives are still being studied, taking into account all the health security measures to be able to travel.

The coach Mario Ledesma, his assistants Nicolás Fernández Miranda and Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe and the players Felipe Ezcurra, Matías Moroni, Tomás Cubelli, Matías Orlando and Mateo Carreras tested positive for coronavirus this Thursday in the PCR tests that were carried out in the concentration of the selected team Argentine rugby, Los Pumas.

The Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) released the information on its official website, through a press release in which it highlighted that “all those infected were isolated, are asymptomatic and in good health.”

The UAR said that “the negative cases, which are close contacts due to being inside the bubble, also abandoned the concentration in Escobar to begin with preventive isolation. All are under the supervision of the medical area of ​​the Argentine Rugby Union.”

Finally, he mentioned that “under the protocol of hygiene and distancing measures, on Monday the training will return to Casa Pumas with those who have already been recovered with epidemiological and cardiological discharge from Covid-19 and with some who were not part of the health bubble. In turn, another group of players will carry out physical activities from their homes. “

The Los Pumas squad, made up of 39 players who play locally, began a concentration on Friday, September 4, under the modality of šhealth bubbleš, in a hotel in Escobar.

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