French authorities have mobilized tens of thousands of soldiers to protect churches and schools in France. French officials say the attacker, Brahim Aouissaoui, is a Tunisian who came to Europe in a boat that landed in September 2020 on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The perpetrator of the knife attack that killed three people on Thursday in the church of Notre Dame is a 21-year-old Tunisian, Brahim Aoussaoui. It is known, for now, that October 9 was in Italy. After landing in Lampedusa, he was taken to an identification center in Apulia and photographed at the police station. All police officers and investigators in Italy are on alert to understand where and how he moved before arriving in France. But the question is, above all: why did a migrant who arrived in Italy during the pandemic manage to reach France safely and commit a terrorist attack? Il Giornale wonders.

Brahim Aouissaoui was placed in successive quarantine, after which he was released and told to leave Italy. The suspect arrived in France in October. On Thursday, Brahim Aouissaoui entered the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption basilica in Nice and stabbed three people, two women and a man. The attacker was later shot by French police.

On October 8, Italian authorities landed about 805 migrants at the end of a quarantine period on the Rhapsody. As confirmed by various police sources for, the management did everything in an emergency: “They landed the minors – an agent told us in those days – then those who had to go to the centers in Gorizia, Rome and Milan and, in the end, for some people they only gave the order to leave the national territory “.

What does it mean? Another investigator explains: “To those who were not placed in the identification centers, I ordered the commissioner to leave the territory within 7 days.” Translated: the immigrant is informed about a “way forward” that, in theory, would force him to leave Italy within a week, but no one takes him to the border. If you do not follow the instructions? Disappear. Like so many.

Brahin Aoussaoui could have done the same, thus being free to reach France. And let’s think that in a letter to Luciana Lamorgese, dated October 10, 2020, Andrea Cecchini, Secretary General of Italy Celere, had already warned the minister about the absurdity of this procedure: some migrants, he wrote, “as part of the landing in Bari from Rhapsody, it looks like they will be left free to roam the country with the only invitation to leave Italian territory within 7 days … with all due respect, we should find ourselves in front of these guys, which would do we have to be the cops? “.

The same complaint came from Franco Maccari, the national president of the Police Union (FSP), in mid-October. “In Syracuse – he said – by order of the commissioner, 46 migrants who had just disembarked from the quarantine ship were accompanied to the station. They should have left the national territory within 7 days, but we know that they will become an armed wing It is an established practice: It is an administrative vacuum that we have to deal with – Maccari concludes – because you allow immigrants to move the way they want, even if there is an Islamist killer among them. “, He concluded.

These details will now force the Elysee Palace authorities to suspend “all asylum and visa procedures in countries at risk”, and the secret services have begun investigating to reconstitute all the steps that led to Aouissaoui Brahim. in Italy, and then in France.

It is not the first time that Italy is a crossroads of illegal immigration that brings jihad to European countries. Anis Amri, the Tunisian terrorist who, on December 19, 2016, in Berlin, entered a Christmas market by truck, killing twelve people, had also landed in Lampedusa. After escaping from Germany, the Tunisian returned to Italy, where he was shot during an ambush against two police officers on the outskirts of Milan.

The French and Tunisian press talk about the thousands of so-called cultural and charitable associations that have sprung up all over Tunisia, financed with money from the Gulf region. Associates only by name because in fact they are the cells of the spread of radical Islam. Brahim may have fed on hatred of France and Europe in such a framework, funded by countries that, on the other hand, are important partners of the West.