The company aims to attract investments of up to $ 1.07 million. The process of investing capital in a company listed on is extremely simple, any company or individual from around the world can become an investor in a technology start-up.

Plant an App goals include attracting investments of at least $ 25,000, with a target of $ 500,000 in a maximum of three months and 50% of that amount in the first month after the campaign launches. The listing process on the platform is supported by the excellent results recorded so far by the start-up in terms of revenue, growth potential, but also the client portfolio.

The Plant an App campaign is active on the platform until March 21, 2021.

“The acceptance process in the platform was a pitch in several stages, quite difficult, similar to an interaction with an investment fund. This campaign is also special for the situation we are in: we are a Romanian company listed on an equity crowdfunding platform in the United States of America, with a great openness to international investors. We would like to know that we are not alone, but we have not been able to identify other Romanian startups that have gone through this experience “, explained Bogdan Liţescu, founder and CEO of Plant an App.

Unlike the classic crowdfunding system, where customers invest various amounts of money depending on the packages offered (pillars or perks), in the case of and equity crowdfunding, the motivation of the investor is to own shares in the company, with the prospect of increase in their value in the future. Plant an App has also established three investment pillars for those who will buy shares, depending on the value invested.