It has been a few hours and with the sole objective of submit a biography, but three of the four surviving members of Los Rodríguez have starred this Monday in a historic reunion in which they have reflected, for example, on what made them special as a band in the 90’s.

We were Tequila reposado“Andrés Calamaro has summarized the idiosyncrasy of that association of just over 6 years with drummer Germán Vilella and two of the former members of Tequila, Ariel Rot and Julián Infante.

It was they who, approximately 30 years ago, came to pick him up at Barajas airport from a flight from Buenos Aires, where he left home, partner and career, to “be reborn with mustaches” and undertake that musical adventure compiled in Sun and shadow. The Rodriguez (BAO Bilbao Ediciones), by Kike Babas and Kike Turrón, authors in 2013 of the biography of Leño.

“Andrés and I were very colleagues and for me it was essential that he come, because we had established a very powerful musical alliance. The only condition I put on Julián to start this was that I brought the singer, “recalled Rot.

Even though they had tried another vocalist before (Fernando de Diego), three chords together were enough to convince Vilella that the ex-Tequila’s “epiphany” was correct and that they were not confused with Calamaro, who came with only one song under his arm (Too late) and the title of another (Something is breaking).

“In their just 6 years together they didn’t have time to make a bad album or having a slump “, the authors have highlighted about the reason for this work that gathers a hundred testimonies, in addition to” the healthy dose of sex, drugs and rock and roll that suits musical biographies so well. “

Among the anecdotes remembered today, milestones have been cited such as his concert in the Madrid prison of Carabanchel, of his “disturbing vibration and the tension with the guards” (who reviewed even the hype “in case one of the prisoners got inside”) and how Calamaro met an old acquaintance there (Jose, “the one who moved costs in Malasaña”).

Seven years of work has required the biography, longer than Los Rodríguez lasted, although in little more than five years they published studio albums with great success. Good luck (1991), Without documents (1993) and Words more, words less (1995) and that in 1996 they released the compilation See you later just as a temporary goodbye.

It wasn’t really a separation“, Vilella has specified.” They were six years of great intensity in which perhaps we lived what other groups in a decade or never. We could fight over a chord and stop talking for two hours, so maybe that was enough time, “Rot reflected.

His was not a high-altitude tour in Latin America (“The conditions were not in place to be able to tour throughout Latin America, but we would have liked it a lot in Colombia and Peru,” said Calamaro), but his music did reach Argentina and they played the stars in Spain.

In this country they stepped on the biggest stages, such as the Plaza de Las Ventas in Madrid, whose historical direct from 1993 returned these last weeks in the form of a disc to the top 10 of the sales charts, proof that its legacy continues to have a pull.

Despite this, only Rot and Calamaro met again on stage in 2006 for a little tour call Two Rodriguez and, more recently, in 2019, also with Vilella to record the song Princess in homage to Joaquín Sabina. Why not go back in a big way?

“We dedicate every note to absent friends since they are gone”

“We could have done it in the year 2000, but that was when Julián died and I don’t know where each of us was. reuniting would have been a real salvation“Calamaro replied regarding that moment when he had just published his solo album The salmon.

For more inri, guitarist Guille Martín died in 2006, who had been part of their ranks, and in 2007 Daniel Zamora committed suicide, the one who had been the only bass player in the group.

Calamaro, what has remembered “absent friends” (“to whom we dedicate each note since they are gone,” he added), has rambled on how its continuity would have been.

“I like to think of Julián as ‘Dickey’ Betts in the Allman Brothers, writing instrumental songs; we would have become even more serious with the rhythm, because we already sensed that the beat was important to us,” said the Argentine, underlining what a lot they rehearsed songs like Get hooked on me The Milonga del Marinero y el Capitan to “get that hybrid beat rolling.”

“The term ‘Latin rock’ was invented by the industry to sell to groups like Maná”

Those mestizo bars that also drank from the flamenco of Bambino, the conga or the Stones, which led the Americans to speak of Texas Tornados as vanguard of “Latin rock”.

For them, they have said, that was Santana. “It is where all these scales came from, but we did not have nor do we have a concept of what Latin rock is”, Rot has specified about a term that, according to Vilella, “the industry was invented to sell to other groups such as Maná“.

“Even today we don’t understand it; we did not like to feel part of a move that we did not understand“Calamaro subscribed, before concluding with a few words what the relationship between Los Rodríguez is like today:” If we were cousins ​​then, now we are brothers.