The rocket in which Elon Musk would like us to travel in space

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A new rendering also caught the attention of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Produced by Erik Corshammar, based in Sweden, entitled “ErcXspace”On Twitter, the rendering shows the stainless steel ship being removed with the help of the Super Heavy booster, its exterior shining in the light.

The user subtitled the image with “Starship Enterprise”, a reference to the Star Trek series spacecraft.

„Great render”, wrote Musk on Twitter in response. It also provided the artist with a small indicator for any future performances. “Remember, there will need to be a booster arm to launch the booth and ship in the booster.”

The response sent thousands of Musk’s 39.2 million fans to Corshammar, which has just under 4,000 followers. At the time of writing, the post has over 10,000 likes. Corshammar, who visited the Kennedy Space Center as a child, told Inverse that it is “quite difficult to believe that Elon Musk himself commented on and supported my work, as he does with other creators here as well. , on Twitter ”.

“What really impresses me is how much time and care he spends interacting with the space community, which I think has contributed to the growing enthusiasm for space in general,” he says.

It is an interesting time for space travel. SpaceX intends to use its spacecraft to send people to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Starship is completely reusable and capable of sending up to 100 people or 150 tons in space simultaneously. Its liquid oxygen and methane fuel mean that humans can fly to Mars, refuel using the planet’s resources, or venture further or return to Earth.

Moreover, it measures about 400 meters high when associated with the Super Heavy booster – almost double the height of the Falcon 9.

So what arm did Musk mention? It does not appear in this playback, but SpaceX previewed it in one of its own concept pieces. A Twitter user named “Renata Konkoly”He noticed that the arm appears in a 2016 video from SpaceX.

The video shows an earlier phase of Musk’s plans for Mars, unveiled in 2016 at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. The video demonstrated the interplanetary transport system, which would send people to Mars using a ship and a booster. After launch, the booster will return to Earth and an arm above the pole will be used to lift a new ship.

For his part, Corshammar hopes that his art will play a role – however small – in the emerging space race. “As a space enthusiast, I can only encourage the current effort to take humanity on new journeys, and I hope that my small contribution to the community can get more people excited about space again,” he says.

A common theme among these designers is that everyone is passionate about the new era in space exploration and, in particular, the striking visuals of Starship. Similar to how the Falcon Heavy launch captured the public’s imagination with the visual effect of a car entering space, the first Starship launch could have a similar effect. This could only be the beginning of a larger community of new enthusiasts.


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