The robot dog that is sent to Chernobyl to measure radiation levels

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A team of engineers from the University of Bristol visited the Chernobyl nuclear plant last week to test Spot, a four-legged robodog manufactured by the American robotics company Boston Dynamics.

Spot is able to do inspection rounds on its own and can navigate in hostile environments, such as the highly radioactive site of the former nuclear power plant. Spot is an agile mobile robot that navigates the field with unprecedented mobility, allowing researchers to automate routine inspection tasks and capture data safely, accurately and frequently.

Spot went for a walk around the surrounding areas and entered the new Safe Confinement structure, a massive mobile steel dome designed to keep out dangerous radiation from reactor unit 4 of the plant, which was destroyed during the 1986 disaster.

The main task of the robot was to monitor the radiation levels in the area, creating a three-dimensional map of the distribution. During the same exercise, the team at the University of Bristol also tested drones and remotely operated sensors and scanners, according to Ukrinform.

Last year, researchers at the University of Bristol visited the area to conduct the first ever map survey of the “Red Forest,” a four-square-mile wooded area surrounding the Chernobyl power plant.

The US military has created robot dogs to guard the Air Force base

The Air Force created four-legged “robot dogs” to defend its perimeters during a recent field test, reports The Drive.

The “robot dogs” tested by the Air Force are called Vision 60 and were built by Ghost Robotics. If you’ve seen the SF series, it’s a bit like the characters from the “Metalhead” episode of “Black Mirror.” They are designed to perform remote inspection, surveillance or mapping missions, as reported by The Drive, and could also be used to patrol the perimeter at air bases.


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