The Road Tourism returns the weekend, with strict protocol and controls

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The 2020 championship will restart at the San Nicolás racetrack.

Through its website, the Carretera Tourism Corridors Association announced that the category will return to the slopes next weekend at the racetrack in St nicolas.

“In a meeting held in the morning between authorities of the ACTC and municipal authorities, it was determined that the restart of motoring at the national level will take place at the Nicoleño racetrack, protagonist of the outcome of the 2018 Road Tourism contest, “said the statement published by the category.

In addition, the category released more details of how all the care will be for the competition weekend:

It will be an event behind closed doors, without public entry and with strict controls in the vicinity of the racetrack.

The protocol was approved by the Ministry of Health of the Nation and the Province, as well as by the health authorities of the city of San Nicolás.

No one will be able to enter or leave the premises from Thursday to Sunday.

The presence of spectators or people in the vicinity of the racetrack will not be allowed.

Each team will take care of supplies for its members, not being able to leave the property or enter elements.

In addition to the own ambulance service, there will be two care centers: one for specialized control and another in case of multiple injuries.


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