The risk continues to rise in Europe and France approaches its risk to that of Spain

The risk of coronavirus infection continues to rise in Europe and France approximates its risk to that of Spain.

The situation in Europe leads three weeks getting worse.

We have data from 51 countries in Europe for November 19. The results of deaths and cases per million inhabitants are these:

We have, for the 51 European countries, three significant data: deaths per million inhabitants, which is the most important data to assess the severity of a situation, positivity and cases per million inhabitants. With these three data, we establish a Country Risk Indicator (IRP) weighting deaths with a 80% and positivity and cases with 10%; We normalize the results by taking the value 100 for the country that has the maximum IRP. We also collect data from the previous three weeks.

The situation worsens in Europe with an average IRP this week of 28.10. The previous three weeks was 26.57, 25.00 and 23.46. In Spain the risk is still above the surrounding countries, although France, which already reduced the distance with Spain last week, this week reduces it somewhat more.

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