The rise and fall of a king of skirts

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Let’s start the story at the end. At dawn on 3 August, a private jet took off from the tiny Vigo airport with a destination unknown to the authorities, arriving at Abu Dhabi, al-Bateen airport, seven hours later, after a half-hour ‘pit stop’ with refueling in Cairo. from where the mysterious passenger, registered as Juan Sumer, his mysterious travel companion and four-member bodyguard were transferred by helicopter to one of the most expensive hotels on the globe, the Emirates Palace Hotel.

Juan Sumer is the most commonly used pseudonym for John I of John because the $ 50 million The passenger of the Global 6500, a private jet with registration number 9H-VBG, owned by a Maltese-based company called TAG, was none other than the Spanish ex-king.

The escape of the resigned ruler only became official when the royal house issued a notice on 18 August; in this it was reported two weeks late that Charles I had left for Abu Dhabi.

He described without batting an eye from the safe distance of the reigning Emirates Palace Hotel, where all his expenses were borne by his bosom friend Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, heir to the throne of the emirates.

Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón was born in Rome on 5 January 1938 – in the Italian capital, because in 1931, when the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed, his grandfather, XIII. Alfonso had to emigrate with his family. XIII. Alfonz’s son John was infant, the heir to the throne, and on the maternal branch was the Sicilian branch of the Bourbons among the ancestors. (This will be important later.)

One year after the birth of Charles John, General Francisco Franco, the leader of the Phalangists, won the Spanish Civil War and the period of dictatorship until 1975 ushered in. At the same time, the dreams cherished by János Károly’s father about his possible accession to the throne were immediately dispelled, as Franco seized and possessed power with an iron hand.

The little boy had a busy childhood, the royal family first moved from Rome to Switzerland – here little János Károly – and then to Portugal, obviously this migration also plays a role in the later ruler’s fluency in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German, French , in Italian and in English.

János Károly was ten years old when the family returned home to Spain with the permission of ‘caudillo’. Franco immediately began to treat the boy as his potential successor. He gave him a strict upbringing in the Catholic and national spirit as his protégé, that is, he prepared him for the duties of the future head of state.

The young man was eighteen when a terrible accident occurred; Károly János cleaned a rifle with his younger brother, Alfonz, four years younger, when the gun fired in unclear circumstances and wounded Károly János’ younger brother to death. Two witnesses – to whom the king allegedly spoke of the fatal accident – also allege that John Charles took the weapon from his toy to his brother, which he did not know was loaded, and pulled the trigger. The later king has not since spoken publicly about the case, his possible guilt, nor about how and how he “jumped” his father in the inheritance ranking and ascended the throne in 1975, when heir to the throne was still alive.

It is a historical fact that when Franco died in November 1975, the 37-year-old John Charles ascended the throne and, contrary to the will of his guardian, the ‘caudillo’, set Spain on the path of democratization quite slowly and carefully.

The king’s great moment came in 1981, when on February 23, Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero, headed by one hundred and fifty gunmen from the Guardia Civil, stormed the Grand Hall of the Cortés, the Spanish House of Representatives, and shot the MPs hostage with a pistol on the ceiling. The Phalangist coup attempt failed, among other things, because the king, dressed in a general uniform, called on the Spanish people in a television speech to support a civilian government that came to power through a legitimate election. The dairies were disarmed, the leader of the coup attempt himself was imprisoned, from which he was released sixteen years later – today, at the age of 88, you live peacefully in Madrid, and – he paints …

János Károly became a favorite of the nation and the western world in one fell swoop. His popularity seemed unshakable. As an active sportsman, he played a major role in the preparations for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics – he was previously an Olympic sailor himself – he liked to mingle with the common people, his speech style was not aristocratic at all, he did not shy away from a hefty joke.

Of course, they ran out of rumors about women’s affairs, allegedly throwing her net on Princess Diana – with success or not, not sure – it is certain that the family of the Spanish royal family and Prince Charles had vacationed together several times on the island of Mallorca. Queen Sophia, the wife of Charles John, from the Greek royal house, endured in silence, everything was swept under the rug. With regard to Sophia’s son, Philip’s heir to the throne, the present king, she looked down on her husband’s missteps, knowing exactly that a scandal could shake and even overthrow the monarchy. As happened to them in Greece when Sophia’s brother was forced to resign in 1973, II. Constantine.



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