ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida has announced this Saturday that He will take legal measures to defend his player Pol Pacheco, sanctioned by Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) with 13 games without playing for maintaining “debts with his former agent.”

The Murcian club assures that Pacheco paid said debts to be registered this season, but the RFEF punished the ElPozo player based on “the offense typified in the Disciplinary Code, specifically article 137.4.h) that classifies as serious fault of the players the breach of agreements that dictate the federative organs “.

“From ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida FS we do not understand this sanction, being one of the most severe to a player for an administrative matter, and the player having paid off the debt with his ex-agent as marked by the Federation “, indicated the paprika club.

In addition, ElPozo explained that This sanction has already been appealed to the Appeal Judge and the Administrative Court of Sports (TAD) to “request precautionary measures and both have denied them.” “For this reason, from the Club we want to show our absolute disagreement with said resolution and qualify it as ‘an unprecedented outrage'”, adds the note.

Finally, ElPozo stated in its statement that the sanction to Pol Pacheco is a “great damage to the Murcian team as well as to the player himself.” So things will be undertaken “all appropriate legal measures to defend the interests of our club and our player “, concludes the statement.