The last Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix left a totally unexpected podium, formed by Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll, and ended seven years in which only Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari drivers had won. In recent times, this triumvirate has remained in the exclusive hands of black cars, which has resulted in a waste of entertainment and spectacle that worries, and a lot, to the organization.

  • Historic 2nd place for Carlos Sainz in a chaotic Italian GP won by the unexpected Pierre Gasly

    David Sánchez de Castro

Good fault that the races are very predictable is the classification system. Since Saturday It is known that, with a certain margin, the winner will come out of the top five of the grid that is set for Sunday, which together with the superiority of Lewis Hamilton and, to a lesser extent, of Valtteri Bottas, much surprise factor remains.

Ross Brawn, sports director of the Formula 1 and former head of Mercedes, has been clear: they want this to change. One of the big reasons why the Italian GP was one of the most fun events of the year is that they weren’t the usual ones fighting to win, to a large extent due to the suspension of Lewis Hamilton for entering the pits when the pitlane was closed.

In other words: racing wins in entertainment if the Mercedes are not there now, as it was a few years ago with the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel and some decades ago with the Ferrari of Michael sSchumacher.

Among the proposals they have on the table, one is already being used in F2 races: inverted grills. The F1 silver category features two races every weekend, a long one on Saturday and a shorter one when sprinting on Sunday. For the first, a classification is made to use on Friday, but for the second the order of the first 8 that finished on Saturday is reversed. Thus, in theory, the big favorites have to sweat more to maintain their dominance.

This idea it was already very close to being released in 2020, precisely in Monza, according to Brawn.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t go forward, but the concept is something we and the FIA ​​want to work on in the coming months and discuss with teams for next year. We think Sunday’s race showed the excitement that a mixed grid can develop and with next year’s cars being the same as this, our fans might be tempted to watch the same drama we saw this weekend at Monza, “he explains the ex-engineer.