The return of football and the “war of the ciborium”: the controversy between Huracán and Vélez over the place in the big drum

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At hours of the draw that will define the groups for the new Professional League Cup 2020, Nadur continues to demand that Huracán share a place with Boca, Independiente, Racing, River and San Lorenzo.

The official return of Argentine soccer not only unleashed the joy of thousands of fans eager to see the club of their love play again for points, but also rekindled an eternal discussion that never seems to end: which club is the “sixth? big”?

The national competition will resume with the new “Professional League Cup 2020”, which will have a particular format: six zones of four members each, under the all-against-all modality and round-trip matches.

To determine how each group will be formed, this Friday at 2:00 p.m., a raffle will be held at the AFA property, where the famous ciboriums of the controversy will be the protagonists, which were assembled under regional criteria and the ranking used to distribute the money corresponding to television rights.

Thus, Ciborium 1 was made up of the big five (River, Boca, Racing, Independiente and San Lorenzo) plus Vélez. That motivated months ago the claim of the leaders of Huracán, who argued that, being the historic classic of the Boedo team, it corresponds to the place occupied by the Liniers club.

“Hurricane has to be seeded. I’m not going to get into the big sixth discussion, but if the pairings are given as classics, what is the SanLorenzo classic? It is Hurricane. Notice that they are doing a somersault in case we are drawn to play with San Lorenzo. Is it nonsense! I don’t want to cry, but some naughty little hand did this; Some of them are wetting Huracán’s ear … ”, said Luis Sasso, vice president of the Parque Patricios club at the end of July when it was revealed how the ciboriums would be formed.

When confirming that in this first stage there will be no classics, the organization warned that if San Lorenzo were to play Huracán, those from Parque Patricios will automatically go to the next area. It was then that the protests subsided, although they did not stop.

The explanation is purely sporting: the location in ciborium 4, exposes the Globe to face River, Boca, Racing or Independiente.

For this reason, the president of the Parque Patricios team, Alejandro Nadur, questioned the AFA’s decision: “It is awkward, it must be modified, there is no other way. The ciboriums are putting together for classics and broke with the Huracán-San Lorenzo duo. We don’t understand why they did it. They argue for a number of professional titles, but the whole story is told and they should include the national cups. Huracán is sixth in national titles, at 13. “

However, the AFA provided a logical justification. Why is Vélez in Ciborium 1 if he doesn’t have the chance to play his classic because Ferro and Chicago are in the First National? It has to do, fundamentally, with the criteria used for the distribution of television money.

Since last year, the distribution scheme is made 50% in equal parts, 25% for sporting merit and 25% for share and rating. In this context, Vélez receives more money than Huracán. That criterion was used, then, to locate the set of Liniers in ciborium 1.

In parallel to the protests to avoid a possible crossing with his greatest rival, soccer fans revived the eternal discussion on social networks about which is the sixth big. Velez? Hurricane? Students? Rosario Central? Newell’s? How is the greatness of a club measured?

The rivalry between Huracán and Vélez gained momentum just over a decade ago. The turning point was the historic definition of the Clausura 2009, which Fortín won after defeating the team led by Ángel Cappa in a match remembered for the controversial refereeing by Gabriel Brazenas that is still talked about.

In the discussion, Globo fans argue that their team is the sixth largest because it is the sixth club with the most national titles when telling the full story, taking into account the amateur era and the professional era.

In addition, Nadur adds “the popularity, the amount of presence of World Cup players. The history and the present”, given that “in the last five years he played six international cups and in one he reached the final.”

For his part, the vice president of Fortín, Diego González, counterattacked: “Vélez won many local and international titles, while they fell four times.” And he added: “If you want, we can also compare partners, infrastructure, educational level and that since 2002 we have not had a rejected check.”

A few hours before the draw that will define the groups for the new “Professional League Cup 2020”, Nadur continues to claim Huracán’s place in the first ciborium, while fans discuss on social networks about a controversy that seems to have no end.


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