Due to redesign, the renovation of the Csömöri út – Drégelyvár utca road overpass will take a year. The redesign became necessary after the contractor encountered problems with the bridge structure, so work is slipping a year and will be completed by next December.

In December 2019, the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) entered into a contract with Colas Zrt. For the reconstruction of the overpass, which was built almost half a century ago and was last renovated in 1989, for a net amount of HUF 778 million. The demolition revealed unexpected damage: the condition of the reinforced concrete structures proved to be worse than indicated in the plans, so construction was suspended.

This means that more intervention is needed than was foreseeable and planned, and it also turned out that the overpass needs to be rebuilt within 10-15 years. In this situation, there will also be time to develop long-term plans. In the past, ideas have emerged to divert traffic under a common tram / road underpass instead of a bridge under railway tracks.

BKK is preparing the documents needed to amend the contract, and is preparing a proposal to the October general meeting of the capital to increase the coverage to the necessary extent. The measures represent a gross additional expenditure of HUF 344 million compared to the value of the current contract, which will be decided by the Metropolitan General Assembly.

The bridge is expected to be returned to road traffic in December 2021.