Towards the end of 2016, music consultant Ilkka “Danny” Lipsanen, 77, and the tango queen Erika Vikmanin, 27, the relationship rose to publicity. The joint journey lasted four years, culminating in a public resignation.

The common years of the couple in the public spotlight have accommodated great feelings, both of which have been shared over the years.

The beginning of everything

In 2016, Erika Vikman was crowned Tango Queen and she became friends with Danny. Gradually, the feelings deepened into love.

Despite decades of age differences, a common tone was quickly found. In January 2017, Vikman told Iltalehti that he was happy with Danny.

– Danny is calm, takes things as things lungist. He ponders and analyzes, I admire his wisdom. I have received a huge amount of information on Finland’s entertainment life, the stars of the stories, the ups and downs. Danny is my mentor to the industry. I’ve learned as an artist and as a woman’s life a lot from him, he told me at that time.

In the summer of 2017, Erika Vikman said In Helsingin Sanomat about his first encounter with Danny.

– I didn’t even know about Danny other than that he did it I want to be affectionate to you song, Vikman told Helsingin Sanomat.

Vikman said at the time he thought Danny was already retired. Based on this, he had selected the first question he posed for the music legend.

– What are you doing today? Vikman said he asked.

One day at a time

In 2019, Danny told Iltalehti that even though they enjoyed spending time with Erika, they know the realities of their age difference. It is not possible to start a family together, and Erika cannot dream of getting older with Danny.

– We’re together day in and day out. We don’t take anxiety about whether this will last and for how long, Danny thought in March 2019.

In 2019, Danny and Erika also made music together by debuting as eurodance artists. At the time, they were involved Oku Luukkainen and HesaÄijän with a novelty piece of 7300 days.

– Me and Erika had talked about making a joint song before. It was a suitable song for us too, but it was never done in the end, Danny said on the eve of the song’s release.

New home

Erika lived with Danny in Kirkkonummi for a long time, but in early 2020 she bought an apartment for herself in Tampere. At the time, Erika confirmed that she now has two homes.

– It has been asked a lot about it, but I live in two different cities, Erika said.

The move news sparked a rumor regarding the couple’s separation. In April, Danny commented on the move news, saying they still like one.

– We have been dating for more than four years, and we still want to keep one. We have not decided to stop. We live like two people live. I’m not the kind of person to leave the job. I have had such good women all my life. Life is not like coming in in the morning and out in the evening. When it comes to meeting an important person, it should not be missed.

Midsummer 2020 was celebrated together by Danny and Erika, and the party also included Erika’s parents.

– Erika comes to the cottage and her close relatives come here to the Rauma archipelago to celebrate Midsummer, Danny said on the eve of the midsummer party.

Notice of resignation

Danny and Erika finally ended the rumors by announcing on Saturday, September 5, that their love story has come to an end.

Erika released an update on the matter in social media, and Danny posted his own post regarding the resignation on their website.

– We considered this difficult decision for a long time. We will keep one in the future, both as colleagues and close friends. This has been one of the more wild relationships in our lives – the most important thing is that we know it, says Erika’s Instagram account.

– The future was not looked at even at the beginning of the relationship, but the common time has still been rewarding and fun. Thank you Erika! Danny summed up his own announcement.