One of the frequent habits that dogs have is that, while they sleep, they sometimes wave their paws as if they were running. What is the reason?

As collected Mental Floss, the answer depends on whether the dog is a puppy or if it is in adulthood.

In the first case, the movements may be due to the fact that the puppy is developing its muscles and that is why it has muscle spasms.

But if the dog is an adult and still moves its legs, it is very possible that the dog you are dreaming that you are running.

There is no certainty that dogs dream, but they do have a REM phase, the deepest, in which dreams occur. Dogs sleep longer than humans, but spend less time in REM phase: 10% of total sleep, compared to 25% in the case of humans.

Dogs don’t just move their legs when they sleep. Too they can moan and even bark.