Registrations are open from October 26 to November 2. The final, hosted by Deliric, is scheduled to take place on November 19, exclusively online.

The jury is made up of improvisers and VJs Afo, Doc and Ramona Dumitrescu.

At the second edition of Red Bull re: VERS, 16 MC will demonstrate improvisation and creativity. The jury will also take into account the observance of the theme – the competitors must include certain verses in the lyrics – as well as the poetic value of the improvisation. In rounds of 60 and 120 seconds each, the competitors will try to impose themselves with rhymes found on the spot.

The winner of each round will be decided by two-thirds of the votes of the jury. 8 competitors will enter the final. Another eight are already qualified.

Registrations are made through the Instagram account @redbullro. On November 5, the eight MCs who reach the final will be announced.

The 2019 final, which took place at the Expirat club, was sold-out, and Pietonu ‘was named the big winner. This year’s event will be broadcast live on and on Facebook.

re: VERS is a version of the Batalla de Los Gallos, the first international MC competition that debuted in 2005 in Puerto Rico.