The NHL posted a video on Twitter in which players block the reels and then crawl in pain in exchange. Some could not get to the bench due to the injury but were left in the ice in pain.

– The price must be paid, the video was accompanied by a post.

The clip didn’t get exactly the reception the NHL marketing crowd wanted, and the video was removed.

– Some have paid with their lives, ex-fighter Daniel Carcillo had time to comment, however.

In his statement, Carcillo referred to the painkiller and substance abuse problems that followed the injuries, which have led to the premature deaths of ex-players.

“Tell your employees the truth about the risks of recurrent head injuries, opiates and other medications as you load them into us during our careers,” Carcillo continued.

Also a player agent Allan Walsh after the video, raised the issue of painkillers, which has now been strongly featured in TSN ‘s new The Problem of Pain with the document.

– Praising such injuries on the same day that TSN publishes a chilling report on the abuse of painkillers on NHL teams is vulgar. What next? A shock that promotes concussions? Walsh commented outraged.

The Problem of Pain in a documentary, former NHL players talk about their painkiller problems. They reveal how much medication had to be eaten and what the overuse resulted from.

– I had holes and ulcers in my gut, and my internal organs had cramps. It is very unpleasant. You have to go to the toilet 30 to 40 times a day. And when you go, it’s just blood, Ryan Kesler for example, tells in a document.

Kesler today suffers from Crohn’s disease and digestive problems. Doctors say the reason is an overuse of the pain medicine Toradol.

What makes the overuse of painkillers particularly problematic is that doctors from NHL clubs do not tell players about their side effects.

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