The project of the General State Budgets for next 2021, which was presented last week, proposes the withdrawal of the tax credit that diesel has been enjoying until now. The proposal, as reported by the Government, does not have a tax collection effort, but it does have decarbonization and the promotion of clean energy as objectives.

Renewable diesel and HVO: the keys to reducing diesel emissions?

This change has not been slow to raise criticism. The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) have criticized the proposal and described it as unfair, since they consider that it penalizes drivers who bet on diesel models.

And it is that according to the calculations presented by the Ministry of Finance, the general state type of diesel would increase from 30.7 cents per liter to 34.5 cents per liter. This increase of 0.038 euros per liter represents an average of 2.5 euros more per deposit. These figures foresee that in one year the drivers of diesel models contribute to the State more than 300 million euros.

From the RACE, taking these calculations as a starting point, They have broadened their criticism of the lack of investment made by different governments for the benefit of drivers. The data presented in a study by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), in which the RACE participated; state that European drivers contribute 70% of the income generated by taxes and fees derived from road transport to the State. Meanwhile, governments reinvest for the benefit of this group just over half of the proceeds.

Likewise, from the Real Club they have demanded real measures so that drivers can bet on more sustainable models and thus rejuvenate the automobile fleet, which is essential to improve pollution levels. They have added that cars under the Euro 6 regulation pollute 30 times less than vehicles that are 20 years old.