– I want to complete Benjamin’s Instagram story, Benjamin Peltonen says Iltalehti.

No, Benjamin, 23, is not deleting his Instagram account or anything else so radical.

– I mean, could we go ahead and continue on different topics. I have for many it is a singing star and instagram irritate me that people do not get that idea out of it. I make music these days.

Benjamin’s Someveteran, his first Finnish-language album to be released today, tells about such thoughts.

“When I made the record, I thought that damn, now all the information I have is served. This feels like the only real debut album.

Benjamin is someveteran by the name of his album. He was only 15 years old when he became one of the first Instagram celebrities in Finland, with tens of thousands of followers and likes to rain on the pictures.

“Benji B instafimimates school temptation. I don’t know who I’m not getting my attention, ”Benjamin sings with his fresh song WWW.

The lyrics of the song are true, after all, Benjamin himself was writing them.

– I used to be bullied at school and alone, but was left out. With Instagram, I created identity and self-image through the eyes of an outside person, that is, based on what others think black.

Benjamin tells directly how bad he was with himself, he was an inhuman version of himself.

– I was that nice guy, a dream boy with photoshopped pictures and perfect skin. But that was not the truth. Now I’m able to let the role go.

The same theme is repeated on the disc. The Dealers song compares social media to drugs.

– Some are so addictive. Some affect the mind and psyche. I would be lying if I claimed to have reached the point where Muhu would no longer be affected by some things. And that’s how artists think about listening. Pretty much everything is tied to numbers.

According to Peltonen, he is now in a better situation with regard to his own life than he was three years ago.

– But there is still a way here for me to be happy without the world of sex and the number of streams.

Insight into Spain

As a musician, Benjamin struck through with English music. In Spain in particular, the popularity was great at the time of the 2016 release.

Benjamin himself did not make songs for that record.

– The Spanish time was cool, of course, I got to live the Justin Bieber dream. I remember when I started leaving words out of a song at a gig in Barcelona. I realized this is not my style of saying these things. Fans asked after the gig what each song is about. In that situation, I had to come up with backgrounds for the song. I realized I had to grab a pen.

The language changed to Finnish and Benjamin started writing songs himself. Previously, he had found the Finnish language a little boring.

– I just didn’t listen to Finnish music. But Finnish is a damn versatile and wonderful language.

Benjamin’s dreams and hopes are for people to listen to Someveteran with an open mind, without preconceptions.

– And then if you hate, then you hate. Or appreciate. I would like you to take this seriously, which is what I do.

Benjamin Peltonen’s Someveteran album will be released on Friday 25.9.