The Pumas, historical: Tomás Cubelli and a triumph in the name of the father that took a generation to arrive

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Alejandro was part of the team that had drawn against the All Blacks in ’85 and now saw his son cover himself with glory in the historic triumph.

Every circle is ever closed and in this case it happened in one of the most traditional and recognized families of Argentine rugby, the Cubelli, because father Alejandro had been in ’85 steps away from beating the All Blacks in that remembered game on the Ferro court and now his son Tomás dressed as a hero by playing a great game and getting the first victory of Los Pumas against the New Zealand team.

“My friends sometimes in joda told me that I did not want the current Pumas to beat the All Blacks so that our record does not break, but nothing to see: I am happier than ever, I am very happy with the effort they made these guys. They filled the hearts of all of us, it’s a tremendous pride. “

Alejandro is a man emerged from Belgrano Athletic, like his two sons Tomás and Francisco, and in addition to having played for Los Pumas he was manager at the 2011 World Cup when Tati Phelan was the team’s coach: he has been linked to the world of rugby for a lifetime.

Regarding what caused him to see his son Tomás being decisive in a game of such magnitude as this one against the All Blacks, he highlights: “It is a tremendous pride for me what Tomás did, to see the passion that he puts things. He had suffered a nasty injury against the All Blacks – a fractured vertebra in his neck – and now he had the pleasure of beating them” .

In the preview of this meeting with the New Zealanders, a video was circulated in which all the members of Los Pumas could be seen training in times of pandemic: Tomás Cubelli was seen in particular practicing passing exercises in the garage of his house, in an image that was very shocking.

“Tomás was training in a garage in Villa Urquiza and he never stopped putting an effort into what he was doing. When there was no official competition calendar set up and the return to activity seemed very far away, I told him: they seem like hamsters training like that. Why They don’t stop a bit? and the answer I found was always the same: we’re not going to stop. “

It was in this feat that Los Pumas began to become strong and forge this spirit which led to this resounding victory against New Zealand, which they faced in a minority of conditions considering that the All Blacks arrived with a lot of competition rhythm.

“They did 45 days of quarantine: 15 in Uruguay, 15 in Buenos Aires and another 15 in Australia. They had to sleep in individual rooms and eat alone from the trays that were left in front of the room: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. They only saw each other to train, then they had to be alone in the room. “

For Alejandro Cubelli, this situation made Los Pumas “gain strength” and gave them an “uncontrollable energy” to play against the All Blacks: “They were unstoppable in one-on-one contact. There were very high points in that regard, like Matera, Montoya, Kremer and Petti, to name a few examples. Besides, we were superior in the scrum and we won all our lines.

Alejandro also commented on how his son Tomás got along with Nicolás Sánchez, the Tucumán starter who scored the 25 points for Los Pumas against the All Blacks: “I think the media couple had control and carried the pulse of the game without accelerating. They handled the forwards very well. “

To close, Cubelli Sr. highlights: “I think this for Argentine rugby is historical, these Pumas gave us the lesson that adversity can be the great engine to achieve things and that everything is possible. It is also something that is good for him. amateur rugby, so that the boys of our clubs can motivate themselves and keep getting involved in what they do. ”



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