Years of hard work spilled Rosanna Kulju, 29, has been lucky to have always been able to trust that even if there were many irons on fire, the batteries could always be charged with a good night’s sleep. Recent months, however, have shown that happiness can be lost in this regard as well.

– It has been my salvation that I have a really good night’s sleep. Although the way I live a very hectic life, so I always could not sleep anywhere and at any time, Rosanna says.

The card house is swaying

Rosanna, who has been an entrepreneur for long days, woke up in the summer to the fact that she was not as refreshing in the morning as before. He then learned that that was just the overture. Although sleep came in the evenings, Rosanna woke up refreshed after a couple of hours to wake up in bed awake until morning.

– My life started to become such that I was really crying and even a small thing could trigger feelings of sadness or anger. All things gradually felt heavier and began to feel like I could no longer handle the normal things of everyday life.

The mind of an entrepreneur who had previously enjoyed an active and hectic life sank into darker waters: the food did not taste good and the head did not play the former model.

– I fell asleep, but I already woke up in two countries – usually quite icy nightmares. It created such a twist that you didn’t really want to fall asleep again. Gradually, my appetite also disappeared.

– Even one week, I went in a haze that I do not even really remember that all the things I’ve done that week. After that week, my friend wondered if I looked pretty pale and found that now might be the time to go to the doctor.

Rosanna heeded the advice and sought help, but no immediate solution was found. The mind sank into even deeper waters. In the past, the thoughts of numerous ongoing projects that turned in the positive head turned against themselves.

– I thought I knew what anxiety is, but I can tell you that I really didn’t know it until this one hit. It’s the kind of feeling that feels like I’m going to die. It’s the kind of feeling that you have to hold on to something and think about whether this is really happening. It has felt to me that I am not at all myself, but as if this is someone else’s life that I live.

Worry about the heart

Rosanna’s feeling was also not made easier by the fact that in the summer she had woken up to her strange boxing hobby with strange feelings in her chest.

– I could have 220 heart rate in training. It felt like the heart was coming out of the chest. At first I just thought I was suddenly in really bad shape. My coach wondered that when I train a lot, my condition can’t be that bad. He noted that this cannot be normal.

The coach’s worries woke Rosanna, and she sought medical attention. The results of the blood tests were promising, but the cardiac film showed that further research was needed.

– However, it seems that this is not anything dangerous. The thing is, however, important to check when I’m so young a man. Now, I’m still waiting for approval arrhythmia catheter ablation.


Now Rosanna is waiting for access to more detailed cardiac examinations, and in recent weeks she has tried various ways to overcome insomnia. In an interview with Iltalehti, Rosanna seems to be herself, happy.

– Last night I slept for eight hours, albeit on medication, Rosanna smiles.

His health problems have driven him to brand new things. Several professionals have suspected that insomnia is stressful, so Rosanna has had to look at her life with a whole new eye.

– Personally, however, I have not experienced that I have any real stress. When the insomnia started, I was like on top of the world. I had everything really well and everything worked. Suddenly this ruined everything. When you don’t sleep, it takes the base off from many things. Insomnia brings with it so many other things you can’t even think of if you haven’t suffered from insomnia yourself.

Time for yourself

It has been immediately clear to Rosanna that the warning signs in her state of health will lead to changes in her daily life. This autumn, it has meant, among other things, trips to the homeland to relax in the north, as well as time together with loved ones. He has also recently been more frequent in therapy to unravel things that are on the heart.

– When there come moments and days that I wonder how I can get from here, it pays to know that in a few days there will be another moment when things are going through with a professional.

An entrepreneur who has sworn in the name of efficiency has also had to stop thinking about his schedules. Today, there is a day on the calendar for each week when there is absolutely nothing in the program.

Union problems have not yet been resolved, but light is already visible at the end of the tunnel. In small steps, Rosanna strives for an even better night’s sleep, and gradually in the past months she also sees the good sides.

– Now that you think about it, insomnia has triggered things in me that I would not have gone through otherwise. Things related to, for example, my morals and world of values ​​and what I want to do with my life.

At the forefront of Rosanta’s mind has been one thought.

– Everything that is specifically related to the defense of women’s issues is what I want to do in the future.

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