The league clubs heard a sigh of relief on Tuesday.

The Regional State Administrative Agency did not make any changes to the guidelines and restrictions for organizing public events in October.

– In October, it is still important to ensure the safety of public events and general meetings, Avi announced.

– Events for more than 50 people may be held indoors and outdoors, provided they follow instructions on safety distances and hygiene practices.

The league starts next Thursday with the match HPK – Kärpät. A total of 13 matches will be played on Friday and Saturday.

– The clubs have reviewed the situation with the local authorities on a hall-by-hall basis. Typically, limited capacity is about half the maximum, comments Riku Kallioniemi, League CEO.

– This means that match revenues fall significantly short of normal budgeting. The overall effect, of course, depends on how long the restrictions last.

KalPa starts the season with a maximum of 2900 spectators. Niirala Montu, KalPa’s home cave, has a viewing capacity of 5,300.

– We can act and live – and of course there is no other option here. Some expenses have already been adjusted in the spring, notes Toni Saksman, CEO of KalPan.

– The big question is what the actual audience will be and how it will affect ancillary sales. October says a lot about what the real effects will be.


Based on recent weeks, the corona situation does not appear to be easing.

– Although the number of infections has increased, the problem areas have been elsewhere in society than at sporting events, Saksman points out.

– It is hoped that the overall situation will remain under control.

THL reported 149 cases of coronary infection on Tuesday. The number of infections in the last 14 days is 754.

– Of course, we constantly monitor for infections. It seems that there is often a spike on Tuesdays due to the reporting delay, and the situation of a single day does not significantly change the overall picture, Kallioniemi states.

– At the moment, everything is being done on October 1st. the beginning of the season. The main goal is to be able to play the full-fledged regular season.

Audience blocks

KalPan’s Korona-time match readiness will be put to the real test on Friday night. Jukurit arrives as a guest.

– A lot of time and planning has been spent that we take care of our own part well and are able to run the activity. We want to act responsibly and get it started, Saksman says.

– We believe that we can do things at a good level and safely, but of course we need people involved.

There will be “a few audience blocks” in Niirala.

– The plan is designed to work well and support the safety aspect. The hall’s toilet and sales capacity is distributed as evenly as possible, and all queuing is minimized, Saksman says.

– I think we can be at the top of how (Korona) things can be handled.