Fans will be able to return to sports venues in England from 2 December, although in a reduced amount and in no case exceeding 4,000 spectators, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday.

On that date the confinement is expected to end due to the increase in cases of coronavirus decreed by the country’s authorities at the end of October and that will lead to a lightening of some measures such as the return of fans to the events outdoors, although depending on the area in question.

So, a maximum of 4,000 people will be allowed, or half the capacity, whichever is less, in outdoor events in the lower risk areas, which will be reduced, under the same conditions, by half in the venues of the level 2 areas, while not yet it will be allowed in those of level 3.

Further, a maximum of 1,000 spectators may attend closed venues in zones 1 and 2, grassroots sport may resume, and gyms may reopen at all levels.

“Later this week, I hope that on Thursday, we will announce which areas will fall at each level based on analysis of cases across all age groups, especially those over 60,” said Boris Johnson.