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The 47-year-old teacher had been threatened after showing Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of Muhammad in a class on freedom of expression.

France continues to be horrified by the Islamist terrorist attack that beheaded Samuel Paty, a history teacher, for teaching freedom of expression and secularism, the foundations of the Republic of France, to his 13-year-old high school students. The attacker was an 18-year-old Chechen, born in Russia and a political refugee in Evreux, in Normandy, unknown to the secret services, in the name of radical Islam.

The justice has accused him of “murder in connection with a terrorist company” and “association of terrorist criminals”, according to the anti-terrorist attorney Jean Francois Ricard. A crime that will have a huge impact on education in France, the protection of their teachers and the secular bond between Muslims in the country and the republic.

The school in France is the backbone of the Republic, where they train their free citizens, whether they believe in a religion or not. The murder of an educator is a call to hate and the dangerous community divide, when many Salafi Muslims do not want to send their daughters to school or to gymnastics and swimming classes.

Not even his Chechen family knew of his radicalization. Ten people are in “garde a vue” (provisional detention), including his mother, his younger brother, his grandparents, the father of the student who reported the teacher on the Internet and a man who spread it, booked by the secret services for Islamist radicalization, and another parent.

The latest detainee has not been identified. The sister of the video producer traveled to Syria to join the jihadist group ISIS.

Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old history and geography teacher, was beheaded on Friday by Abdoulak Abouyezidvitch A., an 18-year-old business security officer, who was shot 11 times by police in a residential neighborhood in Val d ‘Oise, on the outskirts of Paris, after claiming responsibility for the attack showing his decapitated head on social media.

A horrifying act, which began to unfold on October 4, step by step. That’s when Professor Paty decided, in his civics class, Explain freedom of speech by showing the Prophet Muhammad cartoons, published in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, to his students at the high school at Conflans Sainte Honorine, in Yvelines, 35 kilometers from Paris.

He asked the Muslim students to leave the class because they might see “images that are offensive to their beliefs.” A 13-year-old Muslim woman refused to do so and remained in the classroom.

Two days later the student’s father uploaded a video to YouTube asking for solidarity in the mobilization to kick the teacher out. Simultaneously, with his daughter, he went to the police on October 8 to denounce Samuel Paty for “pornography in front of minors.”

Her daughter’s account said that she had shown the Prophet Muhammad naked to the minors in the class. Paty was summoned to the police on October 12, explained her class and simultaneously he denounced those who attacked him for “defamation and slanderous denunciation”. The director of the high school summoned the two parents who demanded that the teacher resign.

Two days later, the same father published the teacher’s name, address and telephone number on social media. His video was broadcast in different mosques in France, at the time of prayers. It was initially viewed by 27,000 people, including the terrorist who carried out the beheading.

Thus begins the story of an announced death. The teacher was threatened with death, like his high school classmates. The terrorist arrived at school last Friday, before class was dismissed. He began to ask who Professor Samuel was to the students themselves. When Samuel leaves school he is identified.

The terrorist attacks him in the abdomen, on the head and beheads him in the vicinity of the high school. Then he uploads a macabre video to Twitter, to his account Tchétchène 270, with the head of the murdered professor, with a violent claim. “Macron, I executed one of your hell dogs,” was his message on the networks.

The high school called the police, after some students reported the presence of a stranger asking for the teacher. When they arrived, Abdoulak Anzorovov had already committed his monstrous act. I was walking through a wooded and residential neighborhood in the neighboring commune in Val d’Oise, with two bloody knives.

The police from the criminal squad ordered him to stop, throw the knife away. Abdoulak shouted: “Allah is Great”, tried to attack the policemen and was killed with eleven shots. Neighbors recorded the screams and his death live from their balconies in Ergany, half an hour from Paris. It was 5:30 in the afternoon. The country faced an act of hatred, which had nothing to envy the massacre of journalists from Charlie Hebdo and the attacks that happened since 2015. This time the drama was aimed at teachers, education, the soul of France.

The anti-terrorist prosecutor detailed the murder agenda on Saturday, when hundreds of French people convened in front of the high school to lay flowers and pay homage to a “calm, pedagogical, friendly” teacher who had died in the name of freedom of speech. A neighborhood shocked by the barbarism, with many people as direct witnesses and with a group of psychologists, in a crisis cell, helping them.


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