The Professional Football League lowered its thumb to River Camp: is the match with Banfield suspended?

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Núñez’s club has time until 8:00 p.m. this Saturday to define where they play on Sunday at 9:15 p.m.

In the preview of the start of the Professional Soccer League Cup, which began this Friday, only one thing was talked about: River Plate’s decision to play home at River Camp. One day before its debut in the tournament, the AFA finally lowered its thumb to the Ezeiza property and gave an ultimatum to the Núñez club, which will have until 20 this Saturday to designate a new venue.

“Being a club of the magnitude and importance not only locally but also internationally as Club Atlético River Plate is, we can only urge the authorities of said club to arbitrate the necessary means for said institution to dispute the official matches in a stadium that is at the same level, “reported the Board of Directors of the Professional Football League.

Through a statement, the agency considered that they could not “stop considering the history, idols, partners and supporters of this prestigious club” at the time of “rejecting the request made by River to play official Cup matches. of the 2020 League at his training ground “.

As reported, the decision was made by “Messrs. Tinelli, Malaspina, Arboleya, Rapisarda and Pellegrino in person, and Mr. Leito virtually” and they were based on the fact that “the CA River Plate training ground does not comply with the requirement established by article 84 of the General Regulations of AFA regarding capacity “.

In addition, they argued that “to date, no authorization has arrived from the security agencies with respect to the CA River Plate training site, which enables the dispute of official matches in it” and that “the Commission of AFA stadiums – as a consequence of the permanent works on the training ground – it has not been possible to issue a statement regarding the fulfillment or not of the necessary requirements to host an official soccer match “.

It was also emphasized that “the Regulations for the Organization, Development and Television Transmission of the Professional Soccer League in its 1st article translates the will and commitment of the clubs to guarantee the highest quality of the television product, of the show, both from the infrastructure, organization and all other aspects that make a competition of the stature of First Division Soccer “.

Likewise, it was alerted “as a result of the journalistic information about an alleged authorization to play official matches in a training field”, the Professional Soccer League “has received multiple requests from other clubs with identical claims”, so “do Instead of River’s request, it would imply extending the same concession to the rest of the clubs and this would only entail very serious consequences in terms of television product, League hierarchy and therefore Argentine Soccer. “

Although the statement is dated April 30, River was notified this Saturday at noon and, as he told Clarion a senior leader of the club, “the game will be played yes or yes at River Camp” this Sunday at 9:15 pm.

With this panorama, the questions are open: will the match with Banfield be suspended, will River maintain its position or will it achieve a new scenario within hours of the debut?


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