The Prime Minister of Hungary asks homosexuals to “leave our

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Hungary’s gay community lamented on Monday being the “scapegoat” of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, after he asked them to “leave the children alone” after the appearance of a children’s book that values ​​homosexuality.

“Hungary has laws on homosexuality that are based on an exceptionally tolerant and patient outlook,” the Conservative leader said in an interview on public radio on Sunday. “But there is a red line not to be crossed, “Orban continued, speaking of an” act of provocation. “To sum up my opinion: leave our children alone.”

The Hungarian Prime Minister was asked about a published book of stories and legends recently by an association of the LGTBQI community (lesbian, gay, transsexual, bisexual, queer, intersex). In it, some stories were transformed, like that of Cinderella, here into a lesbian girl, or that of a transgender dragon slayer.

Without protection

“Now that the fear of migrants or the pandemic is not enough to mobilize voters, it is the LGTBQI community that the power designates as the scapegoat,” lamented Tamas Dombos, member of the board of directors of Hatter Society, the main gay association from Hungary. “The public media often refer to the homosexuality as a disease. Government officials have never condemned the attacks against LGTBQI, and the police do not propose adequate protection, “Dombos told AFP.

Back to power in 2010, the Hungarian prime minister established a conservative era in the country, which until then followed a rather progressive trend: homosexuality was decriminalized in the early 1960s and same-sex civil union was recognized in 1996. Orban promised in 2018 to usher in a cultural “new era” to uphold Christian and traditional values.



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