The pride of Nadia Podoroska’s parents: “We never imagined that recognition would come so quickly”

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Irene and Marcelo were moved by their daughter’s performance from their pharmacy in Fisherton, the Rosario city where the Roland Garros semifinalist grew up.

Nadia Podoroska’s defeat in the Roland Garros semi-final did not detract from a historic performance by Argentina, who came as a stranger to several of her rivals and made a name for herself in a handful of days on the international women’s tennis scene. In Fisherton, the Rosario neighborhood where he grew up and where his family lives, their breasts are still well inflated with pride. And after the match against the Polish Iga Swiatek, the parents of the Russian they proved it.

“The qualitative leap in her career is impressive,” said Irene, Podoroska’s mother, from the pharmacy that she attends with Marcelo, her husband and the father of the child.

In dialogue with TN, the woman conveyed her joy for what her daughter achieved. “We live it with a lot of emotion, a lot of tension. This is not for everyone,” he said laughing, before putting a more emotional tone to his statement: “Seeing her play well after so much sacrifice, a very difficult year, with the pandemic , with the uncertainty of not knowing if the tournaments would be played … It’s a lot of emotion, that’s what is left over “.

Don Podoroska, meanwhile, opened the door of his pride when he joked about wearing more of a bib than a chinstrap. “It’s a sheet, I’ve been wearing it for a week,” he said with a laugh.

But he also admitted his surprise at the repercussion of what Nadia achieved, who became the first Argentine Grand Slam semi-finalist since Paola Suárez achieved it in 2004.

“As parents we know about the effort and the path that Nadia has been traveling and we knew that at some point the recognition would come, but we never imagined that it would be so suddenly, so fast after everything was stopped by the pandemic and ( of what she went through) before because of her injuries. “

For this reason, Papa Marcelo assured: “That it has occurred in this magnitude and with this acceleration is breathtakingly beautiful.”

Mama Irene, meanwhile, did not want to forget the many who were happy with the performances of the young woman, 23 years old. “You see Nadia on the field but behind her there is an impressive team of people who support and follow her, and this is a satisfaction for all of them and also for our family, which is very big,” he said.

And he completed with an absolute truth when trying to explain what happens to the proud parents inside: “Words are never enough to describe emotions. I cannot express it to you.


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